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25 February 2016

ECB publishes quarterly Consolidated Banking Data for September 2015 and revisions

The European Central Bank published the September 2015 Consolidated Banking Data, a data set of the EU banking system on a group consolidated basis.

The quarterly CBD cover relevant information required for the analysis of the EU banking sector, although a lean subset of the end-year data. CBD include statistics on individual EU Member States and on the European Union and Euro Area as a whole. This dataset includes an extensive range of indicators on profitability and efficiency, balance sheets, liquidity and funding, asset encumbrance, non-performing exposures developments and capital adequacy and solvency.

Disclosed aggregates and indicators are published for the full sample of the banking industry, based on accounting reports. While large reporters (data sources) apply International Financial Reporting Standards and the EBA Implementing Technical Standards on supervisory reporting, other reporters apply national accounting standards, jointly with the EBA standards or not. Aggregates and indicators are published also for reports based on supervisory and national accounting standards, depending on the availability of the underlying items.

The CBD series for EU banking groups are available on a cross-border and cross-sector basis, where “cross-border” refers to branches and subsidiaries located outside the domestic market and “cross-sector” to affiliates of banking groups that can be classified as other financial institutions. Insurance companies are not included within the consolidation perimeter.

The CBD data are separately reported for domestic banking groups (broken down into small, medium-sized and large groups). Information is also provided on foreign-controlled institutions active in EU countries.

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