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17 September 2019

The Guardian: Brexit: EU citizens feel safer in Scotland than in England, report says

Interviewees from 13 different EU states living in Scotland acknowledged that the atmosphere was different in the run up to the referendum and was “not, or less hostile” than their experience of the aftermath in England.

“While frustration, anxiety, and disappointment are shared by all participants, we found a stark difference on how EU nationals feel about post-referendum Britain whether they live in England or Scotland,” said Nando Sigona, a professor at the University of Birmingham’s Institute for Research into Superdiversity which conducted the study.

The vote to remain, combined with reassurance from Nicola Sturgeon in a letter directly addressed to EU nationals were considered major factors between the experience of EU citizens in Scotland and England.

One Danish man in Glasgow said: “I was feeling really depressed [after the referendum] but then I remember how Nicola Sturgeon went on telly the next morning and spoke directly to EU citizens in Scotland and it’s your home and so on, and that was really reassuring.”

“I don’t remember what the letter said but I remember that we got that, me and Fernando and it was so nice to receive this,” said a Portuguese-Brazilian woman.

The report, EU families and Eurochildren in Brexiting Britain, found there was still unease over future life. [...]

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