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15 September 2019

The Guardian: Lib Dems pledge to revoke Brexit without referendum

The Liberal Democrats have overwhelmingly approved the party’s plan of going into an election with the promise to revoke Brexit without a referendum, despite warnings from delegates at their annual conference in Bournemouth that it risked alienating some voters.

Under the plan, the Lib Dems would still support a second Brexit referendum with an option of remain, but going into an election would promise to revoke article 50 if the party won an absolute majority – which is seen as highly unlikely.

The move comes after the party gained another new MP as the former Conservative universities minister Sam Gyimah, one of the 21 Tories ejected from the party for rebelling in a Commons vote, announced he was joining the Lib Dems.





Speaking earlier, the party’s leader, Jo Swinson, said the policy would allow the Lib Dems to be “straightforward with people in an election”, and that it would be odd for a Lib Dem government to be obliged to negotiate a Brexit deal it did not support just to put it to a referendum. [...]

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