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05 January 2019

The Independent: Majority of Britons back Final Say vote on deal, according to largest poll since referendum

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The survey, commissioned by the People’s Vote, indicated the British public would back remaining in the EU by 54% to 46% if there was a re-run of the 2016 question.

A majority of voters believe the final say on Britain’s impending exit from the EU should be determined by the public, according to the biggest Brexit poll held since the 2016 referendum.

The YouGov survey of 25,000 citizens showed 53 per cent favour a second referendum while 47 per cent do not, once those answering “don’t know” have been discounted.  [...]

The new poll also offers fresh evidence Labour could be punished by voters if Jeremy Corbyn’s party either backs or does not oppose Theresa May’s Brexit deal in the Commons.

It indicates Labour’s share of the vote would slump another eight points – from 34 per cent to 26 per cent – if its MPs join with the Tories to support the prime minister’s Brexit deal.

This would be even worse than the 28 per cent share secured by Labour under Michael Foot, when the party slumped to defeat against Margaret Thatcher’s Tories in 1983.

The 26 per cent vote share would remain the same if Labour MPs were not ordered to oppose a deal – possibly by being given a free vote or being told to abstain. [...]

The latest survey suggests less than a quarter of voters – just 22 per cent – back the prime minister’s plan, despite a concerted effort by Downing Street to sell the deal directly to the public in the face of opposition from MPs. Support for the current deal rises to only 28 per cent among Leave voters. [...]

Full article on The Independent

Full data on the People's Vote website

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