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20 February 2018

The Guardian: UK will have to have a customs union post-Brexit, says Corbyn

The Labour leader said that access to European markets and no hard border in Northern Ireland are key to Labour’s position.

Asked how Labour’s position on Brexit differed to that of the government, Corbyn said: “We have to have access to European markets, we have to have a customs union that makes sure we can continue that trade, particularly between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. That is key to it.”

He continued: “Being a member of the single market is automatic if you’re a member of the EU. If we’re not in the EU, we’re not automatically a member of it.

“So what we are determined to achieve is a tariff-free trade relationship with Europe, but also to say that we’re not proposing a deregulation of our economy to undercut Europe, and we’re not proposing a sweetheart deal with the USA or anyone else which would result in deregulation, for example through agriculture. We’re very determined to achieve that.”

Corbyn has previously ruled out the UK staying in the single market, but he and his shadow ministers have talked about the idea of the UK being part of “a” customs union – the distinction being that the party does not think it is feasible to stay a full member of the current customs union, which ensures tariff- and barrier-free trade across the EU. [...]

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