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29 June 2014

European Council June 26/27: Summary of Conclusions

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The Conclusions include: the nomination of Jean Claude Juncker for Commission presidency; a strategic policy direction for the EU (annex I); and addressing the 'British question'/ position of eurozone-out countries

The European Council's Conclusions included the following:

  • Completing the internal market in products and services and the digital single market by 2015
  • Completing international trade agreements, including TTIP;
  • Combating tax evasion and tax fraud
  • Honouring subsidiarity, fighting red tape reduction and building flexibility in the application of rules for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises.
  • Seeking better controls of migration flows from outside the EU
  • Involving national parliaments in EU decision-making

EU leaders also explicitly agreed for the first time to deal with the UK concerns about the future development of the European Union, clarifying for instance that the mention of ‘ever closer Union’ in the preamble of the Treaty of Rome allows for different speeds of integration.

Furthermore leaders agreed to meet again soon to look at how the appointment of the President of the Commission will be dealt with in future.

President Rompuy in his press conference drew attention to five priorities:

- building stronger economies with more jobs
- enabling societies to empower and protect all citizens
- creating a secure energy and climate future
- ensurig a trusted area of fundamental freedoms
- taking effective joint action in the world

Regarding existing economic governance, Van Rompuy said:

"There was a wide consensus in the room that we need at the same time to continue on the path of reform and fiscal consolidation and to carry out the investments needed for the future. Both are essential for a healthy economy. To balance fiscal discipline with the need to support growth, the EU's existing fiscal framework offers possibilities, which should be used.

What does it mean? That we are all committed to the Stability and Growth Pact and that it is a matter of making best use of the flexibility that is built into the existing Stability and Growth Pact rules. "

The Commssion President Barroso welcomed the Council's acceptance of recent country-specific recommendation and the successful completion of the economic sememster. " Our European economic governance, a partnership between European institutions and national governments, that precisely are a new expression of joint commitment to adopt together the economic issues. The European council has generally endorsed the country specific recommendations put forward by the European Commission. Now, full national ownership is essential if we want to be successful. "

He also referred to the SGP and saw possible flexibility in its application: "I welcome the discussion and the confirmation of the commitment of all the leaders of the European Council to our fiscal rules, stability and growth pact. This is the cornerstone of economic governance in Europe. Those rules are precisely designed for boosting growth and jobs, both today and tomorrow, and where necessary they will have the flexibility to take into account the economic situation of the country concerned."

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