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13 December 2013

IOSCO issues final report on regulatory issues raised by changes in market structure

The report makes four recommendations that seek to promote market liquidity and efficiency, price transparency and investors' execution quality in a fragmented environment.

The report identifies possible outstanding issues and risks posed by existing or developing market structures and it describes how these risks should be addressed. Finally, it recommends that regulators monitor the impact of fragmentation on market quality. It looks at the trading of equities and exchange-traded funds on the most common trading spaces identified in a survey of different jurisdictions, including exchange trading market systems, non-exchange trading market systems, and trading over the counter (trading that does not occur on an exchange or non-exchange market system).

The final report recommends that regulators should monitor the impact of fragmentation on the following:

Market integrity and efficiency

Regulators should regularly monitor the impact of fragmentation on market integrity and efficiency across different trading spaces and seek to ensure that the applicable regulatory requirements are still appropriate to protect investors and ensure market integrity and efficiency, including with regard to price formation, bearing in mind the different functions that each trading space performs.

Regulators should regularly evaluate the regulatory requirements imposed on different trading spaces and seek to ensure that they are consistent (but not necessarily identical) across spaces that offer similar services for similar instruments.

Availability and timeliness of information

In an environment where trading is fragmented across multiple trading spaces, regulators should seek to ensure that proper arrangements are in place in order to facilitate the consolidation and dissemination of information as close to real-time as it is technically possible and reasonable.

Order handling rules and best execution

Where markets are fragmented, regulators should consider the potential impact of fragmentation on the ability of intermediaries to comply with applicable order handling rules including, where relevant, best execution obligations, and take the necessary steps.

Access to liquidity

Regulators should regularly monitor the impact of fragmentation on liquidity across trading spaces.

Regulators should seek to ensure that applicable regulatory requirements provide for fair and reasonable access to significant sources of market liquidity on the exchange and non-exchange trading market systems.

Full report


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