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05 November 2013

NewEurope: Podimata urges Troika, Greece to come together

EP VP Anni Podimata told New Europe that "both sides should demonstrate good faith and constructive attitude and look for the convergence points and not collision points".

Greek MEP Podimata noted that one of the big problems that the European Parliament highlighted over the past three years is “the lack of transparency and substantial evaluation methods” concerning the planning and implementation of the Greek programme but also the other programmes that are been enforced in various countries that have economic problems. “The experience accumulated over three years shows that in many points – not all of them obviously – these programmes failed. In other points, the national authorities are to blame for delays or failures in Greece or elsewhere", Podimata said.

She called for constant evaluation of the programmes with flexibility and the possibility of readjustments. “We should have foreseen to create a structure of evaluation and implementation of these programmes", she said, adding that correcting initial mistakes or wrong estimates would improve efficiency.

The European Parliament from the beginning, Podimata said, has put a huge emphasis on this, using the example of the IMF, which has a process of evaluation for its own part in Troika. The European Parliament Vice President said that even if these programmes were superbly planned, which they weren’t, they cannot be successfully implemented if the citizens of the countries suffering economic problems “have the sense that these measures are forced on them” and there is no democratic process, no parliamentary process in the national and European level. “Citizens have to have a role in that process", she said, adding that it is their representatives’ role to protect the citizens’ interests.

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