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Our Lite e-mail gives a headline and brief summary of the event - who, where, what - and can be read in about five minutes.  

Graham Bishop selects the news and views that financial institutions need to monitor – starting at the G20 level because the financial crisis has pushed international co-ordination firmly onto the agenda. Macro-economic problems are forcing political choices about the nature of regulation and this is likely to become more apparent in the EU during 2013. Our team follows these influences down through the EU process to the subsequent detailed measures, and the final step of technical standards. So the breadth of this e-mail runs far beyond "Brussels" as we include any events from Member States and other G20 countries (such as the United States and Japan) that are likely to influence legislative action at the EU level.

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You can also subscribe to the full documents in our Knowledge Centre – selecting any of our 16 monitoring categories (or any combination) - as well as our other services. Details

  1. We offer volume discounts to not-for-profit entities such as professional associations for block subscriptions, as they may want to keep their member associations abreast of events that are outside their particular specialised field.
  2. A subscription to the Lite email give access to all staff of the subscribing organisation.

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