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Graham Bishop is well known as a powerful speaker on European issues – covering the technicalities of financial market developments and setting them within the over-arching macro-economic and political requirements. As the euro area cements into a tighter political union, the implications for financial regulation are likely to be ever more profound and he speaks with the confidence that comes from his high level contacts with both European officials and political authorities.

His depth of experience in observing the financial markets and politics of Europe for 40 years enables him to draw out the vital linkages between political and economic events.  But the key interest for financial market participants is that next step: what does this mean for my business in terms of changes in financial sector regulation? In parallel, regulatory changes can have profound influences on the supply of, and demand for, different asset classes. Graham has been involved in these developments for decades so he is in an ideal position to speak with the complete freedom of an independent commentator.

Short "glimpses" of some recent speeches (as well as a full listing of his past speeches/events) are available here and members can access the full videos of such speeches here.


For more information on his public speaking availability, please contact  OR visit Specialist Speakers who will be able to assist you in arranging a major speech or event.



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