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Flexibility of Options

The Weekly 'Lite' Email but with live links to drill down to the full detail in our database. It is possible to subscribe to a service which is linked to one, several or all of the articles reported. The fully-linked email allows access to all material in our database and is, therefore, the entry point to our Premium Monitoring System and comprehensive research resource. All articles in the database have been selected by Graham Bishop as reports of significant factors influencing European Financial Regulation. (Selection of news and views)

 (We offer discounts for non-commercial clients.)


Providing a service that can be tailored to meet complex needs.

The site is a technologically powerful platform designed with the flexibility to meet the needs of the multitude of differing requirements of such an organisation. This service provides:

  • The ‘Lite’ email to all in the organisation who need a quick and painless overview of developments in financial regulation which are important to business (this can be tailored to be branded to be sent out to clients).
  • Where deeper analysis is required by individuals within the company in specific areas, notification can be arranged to inform them when articles on chosen subjects are added to the site.
  • The whole site is available to all staff and is the knowledge centre which forms the foundation of Graham Bishop’s own consultancy.
  • Direct consultancy from Graham Bishop.
  • Involvement in meetings and debates.


Please contact the office for further details.