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Graham's Media Activities

Graham Bishop is often involved in discussions and debates about the future of the euro.

See also Graham's Speaking Activities



BBC Three Counties Radio, 28th June 2016

Graham Bishop at ifs University College - Episode 6: the UK referendum, the European Union and the financial services industry - what impact will Brexit have? 31st May 2016

Click here for the podcast

Fedtrust talks to Graham Bishop, 25th February 2016

House of Lord's EU Affairs Sub Committee, 25th November 2015

Click here for the Video Link

Interview on the implications of Brexit.


LBC - 25th May, 2015


107th Brussels for Breakfast

Hosted by the BBA and organised by the CSFI 

Main topics included: Grexit, Brexit, CMU and FSB/BCBS


LBC - 17th February, 2015



LBC - 22nd January, 2015



BBC Radio Oxford - 3rd November, 2014



BBC Three Counties Radio -  3rd November, 2014


BBC Breakfast - 24th October, 2014 

The European Union's demand for £1.7bn from the UK.


Graham Presents his TEF Plan to ECON - 1st April, 2014


QED Communication: Shadow Banking & Money Market Funds

Graham Speaks on Shadow Banking 


Completing EMU:  Public Hearing - Brussels, Belgium



Bloomberg TV:  Countdown  - 18/4/2013. 

Is a lack of Government good for Italy's Economy?  Graham talks with Bloomberg's Mark Barton about how the lack of a government in Italy is allowing the policies of Mario Monti to help the Italian economy heal and examines the current economic conditions in Europe.


Bloomberg TV:  Countdown - 18/04/2013

Paper Review


BBC Radio 5 Live - 12/4/13

David Cameron visits Angela Merkel


BBC Radio 5 Live - 22/03/13 - Cyprus


Radio 5 Live  Wake up to Money - 19/03/2013 (Cyprus)


Bloomberg TV  Countdown - 15/02/2013

Graham discusses with Laurence Boone, chief European economist at Merrill Lynch Europe, the size and scale of a potential bailout for Cyprus, and what role the elections play in a bailout. 


BBC Radio Sheffield:  Toby Foster at Breakfast 7/01/2013

In debate with Godfrey Bloom, UKIP MEP for the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region



BBC Radio Humberside:  David Burns 4/01/2013



LBC  Nick Ferrari at Breakfast -  14th November 2012

(European Day of Industrial Action)



BBC Radio 5 Live  October 18th (Views on Banking Union)



BBC World:  2nd October  (Banking Union)



Radio 5 Live - Wake Up to Money:  September 12th: 

ESM and Banking Union (Interviewed via Skype)



CNBC - European Closing Bell:  Mon 06 August: 

Curing the Crisis 5 years on.




France 24:  July 4th.

The Debt Crisis:  Conditionality



The Paul Franks Show, BBC WM.  20th June. 

How do you assess the latest situation in Greece?



BBC News Channel:  Situation in Greece, 18th June

(Apologies for poor synchronisation)



Business Daily, BBC World Service.  28th May.

The Crisis:  Could you, should you have seen all this coming?


Television and radio interviews:

  • Bloomberg Countdown (18.04.2013) - see clip above
  • BBC Radio 5 Live (22.03.2013) - see clip above
  • BBC Radio 5 Live (19.03.2013) - see clip above
  • Bloomberg (15.02.2013) - see clip above
  • BBC Radio Sheffield (07.01.2013) - see clip above
  • BBC Radio Humberside (04.01.2013) - see clip above
  • LBC (14.11.2012) - see clip above
  • BBC Radio 5 Live (18/10/2012) - see clip above
  • BBC World:  (02/10/2012) - see clip above
  • BBC News Channel (26/09/2012) 
  • Radio 5 Live Banking Union (12/09/2012) - see clip above
  • CNBC European Closing Bell (06/08/2012) - see clip above
  • France 24 (04/07/2012) - see clip above
  • Radio 5 Live Greek elections (17/06/2012) - no longer live
  • BBC Radio Wales (14/05/2012) - no longer live
  • BBC Breakfast Show (07/05/2012)
  • (01/03/2012)
  • France 24 (09/02/2012) - go to 03:25
  • France 24 Greece/eurozone crisis (18/01/2012) - go to 2:45
  • Radio France ECB in welcome boost for eurozone banks (22/12/2011)
  • Radio France (06/12/2011)
  • BBC World Services 'Should Greece leave the eurozone?' (03/11/2011) - go to 8:40
  • Radio France (08/10/2011)
  • France 24 (06/10/2011)
  • France 24 debate: 'When Greece Goes Under' Part 1 & Part 2 (20/09/2011)
  • BBC World Services: 'The Euro In The Year 2020' (12/08/2011)
  • France 24 (10/08/2011)
  • Business Daily on the World Service (22/07/2011)
  • The BBC Today Show (22/11/2010),
  • The BBC Business Daily (30/11/2010) 
  • The BBC Business Weekly (05/12/2010)
  • The Radio 4 Today show (16/12/2010) no longer live


Some Press coverage of Graham's views can be found in the following articles:

Graham's article on A Plan for A Temporary Eurobill Fund can be found here.

A link to a list of Graham's previous articles and speeches can be found by clicking on the links.

See also Graham's Rolling blog.