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In June 2017 the Commission adopted a proposal for a regulation on a pan-European personal pension product (PEPP). The proposal is accompanied by a recommendation on the tax treatment of personal pension products, including the PEPP.

PEPP will be a voluntary scheme for saving for retirement. It will be offered by a broad range of financial companies across the EU and will be available to savers as a complement to public and occupational pension systems, alongside existing national private pension schemes.

As part of the capital markets union action plan, the PEPP proposal will help channel savings towards capital markets and benefit investment and growth in the EU.

Text of the proposal

Impact assessment and feedback

Recommendation on the tax treatment of personal pension products, including the PEPP 

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PEPP - 20212 articles out of 2.

2020 PEPP
2020-12-23 EFAMA: Towards a stillborn PEPP? Investment management industry reacts to Commission’s
2020-10-30 EFAMA: 3 Questions to Jonathan Lipkin on the PEPP and EIOPA proposed Level 2 measures
2020-09-22 Better Finance: Stakeholders and authorities show faith in European Personal Pension (PEPP)
2020-03-06 EFAMA’s Response to EIOPA’s Consultation on PEPP Level-2 Measures
2020-03-02 Insurance Europe: EIOPA’s draft PEPP proposals are overly ambitious and lack crucial technical details
2020-02-20 EIOPA publicly consults on implementing technical standards for supervisory reporting and cooperation for the PEPP

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PEPP - 20192 articles out of 2.

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