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Polls from the UK on Brexit - contrasting with polls around the rest of the EU

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Opinion Polling - 20207 articles out of 7.

2019 Opinion Polling
2019-12-13 The Independent: Election result: 52% of votes go to pro-referendum parties despite decisive victory for the Tories
2019-12-11 The Guardian: Tories still favourites but hung parliament a real possibility, polling suggests
2019-12-11 Daily Mail: Labour makes more gains in latest poll but the Tories are still on course to win a majority
2019-12-10 LSE: A new expert survey suggests the UK’s general election will be tighter than expected
2019-12-09 Reuters: PM Johnson's lead over Labour narrows slightly - ICM poll
2019-12-06 The Evening Standard: Latest opinion polls: Conservative Party lead narrows as Labour and Jeremy Corbyn make gains
2019-12-05 Bloomberg: UK firms put probability of 2020 Brexit deal below 50%
2019-12-05 YouGov: Three quarters of No Deal supporters intend to vote Conservative
2019-11-28 The Times: MRP election poll: Boris Johnson heads for big majority
2019-11-28 IPSOS/MORI: Jo Swinson's favourability ratings fall, proportion thinking Labour having 'good campaign' increasing
2019-11-26 Peter Kellner: “Some of the most startling polling numbers I have ever seen”
2019-11-12 The Times: Tories gain 14-point general election poll lead after Brexit Party retreat
2019-11-11 YouGov: Four in ten mainland Britons don’t care about Northern Ireland
2019-11-08 City AM: Half of UK citizens think the country will not exist in a decade
2019-11-08 Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Low-income voters could be a crucial force at the next election, according to landmark research
2019-11-07 BBC: Students more likely to vote tactically on Brexit
2019-11-03 Financial Times: Economists among ‘least trusted professionals’ in UK
2019-11-02 The Guardian: Tories hold 16-point lead over Labour, according to poll
2019-10-30 New Europe: Johnson leads polls ahead of December 12 elections
2019-10-30 The Independent: Public turning against Boris Johnson’s deal and blaming him for latest delay, poll finds
2019-10-29 Financial Times: Polls point to Johnson being at risk of May’s electoral debacle
2019-10-24 POLITICO: Violence against MPs ‘price worth paying’ to get Brexit result: poll
2019-10-16 POLITICO: Poll: Majority of Brits want to leave the EU — but oppose a no-deal Brexit
2019-10-16 BBC: Have UK voters changed their minds on Brexit?
2019-10-10 The Telegraph: Boris Johnson cannot get a majority unless he delivers Brexit on October 31, Tory conference poll shows
2019-10-08 Financial Times: UK set for ‘most unpredictable election’ in decades, study finds
2019-10-07 The Telegraph: Parliament and Remain MPs will be blamed more than Boris Johnson for Brexit delay, poll reveals
2019-10-06 The Independent: Majority of Britons don't believe Boris Johnson can secure EU deal before 31 October as PM's approval ratings fall
2019-09-28 The Guardian:Tories hold 12-point lead over Labour in latest poll
2019-09-24 YouGov: By 49% to 30%, Britons agree with the Supreme Court’s ruling that proroguing Parliament was unlawful
2019-09-17 The Guardian: Brexit: EU citizens feel safer in Scotland than in England, report says
2019-09-17 YouGov: Despite difficulties in Parliament, Boris has grown in popularity since becoming PM
2019-09-15 The Independent: Voters would back temporary government of national unity to avoid no-deal, poll finds
2019-09-09 YouGov: Johnson’s popularity wobbles as a third say he’s out of touch on Brexit
2019-09-08 Financial Times: FT poll shows voters prefer Johnson to Corbyn
2019-08-17 YouGov: By 48% to 35% Britons would rather have No Deal and no Corbyn
2019-07-23 YouGov: By 43% to 37% Britons don’t think Boris becoming PM means there needs to be a general election
2019-07-22 YouGov: Half of Britons think Theresa May was a bad PM
2019-07-19 YouGov: Tories want Boris for the long run, not just Brexit
2019-07-16 UK in a Changing Europe: Anti-immigration attitudes are disappearing among younger generations in Britain
2019-07-13 The Guardian: Boris Johnson has support of two thirds of Tory voters for leadership, says poll
2019-07-08 The Telegraph: Boris Johnson would deliver a 40-seat majority for Tories in an election, new poll shows
2019-07-07 The Independent: Public would prefer to cancel Brexit or hold second referendum than Halloween no-deal, poll shows
2019-07-06 YouGov: Boris Johnson holds his 48 point lead in the Conservative leadership election
2019-06-25 YouGov: Forget renegotiating Brexit: a quarter of Tory members want to chart a course straight for no-deal
2019-06-22 The Guardian: Tory faithful trust Johnson more than Hunt, says poll
2019-06-18 YouGov: Most Conservative members would see party destroyed to achieve Brexit
2019-06-17 YouGov: Three quarters of Conservative Party members think Boris Johnson would be a good leader
2019-06-15 The Guardian: Divided, pessimistic, angry: survey reveals bleak mood of pre-Brexit UK
2019-06-11 The Telegraph: Boris Johnson on course for 140-seat majority at general election if he becomes Tory leader, poll shows
2019-06-11 YouGov: Brits oppose proroguing Parliament to force through a no-deal Brexit by two to one
2019-05-30 YouGov: Lib Dems lead the polls as they start to become “the party of the 48%”
2019-05-21 YouGov: EU elections: Britons believe Brexit Party victory will alter course of Brexit
2019-05-20 The Guardian: Pro- and anti-Brexit parties neck and neck in EU election, says poll
2019-05-18 The Guardian: Labour panics as remain voters switch to Liberal Democrats
2019-05-15 YouGov: Labour and Conservatives have the least clear policies on Brexit, says public
2019-05-11 The Guardian: Brexit party may get more EU election votes than Tories and Labour combined – poll
2019-05-10 The Guardian: European elections: Tories could come sixth, officials fear
2019-04-27 The Guardian: Public thinks EU referendum was bad idea, says poll
2019-04-27 POLITICO: Brexit boosts support for Scottish independence to 49 percent
2019-04-10 New Open Europe poll on forthcoming European Parliamentary elections
2019-04-07 The Independent: Majority of public now back Final Say referendum amid chaos in Westminster, poll shows
2019-03-30 The Guardian: Brexit: how do voters feel about the EU now?
2019-03-26 NatCen: British public unhappy about Brexit negotiations, with Leavers and Remainers equally critical
2019-03-21 LSE: Not all the ‘over 65s’ are in favour of Brexit – Britain’s wartime generation are almost as pro-EU as millennials
2019-03-20 The Independent: Remain would win second Brexit referendum but no-deal would get more votes than Theresa May's deal, poll indicates
2019-03-16 The Guardian: Britain split over prospect of second Brexit vote, poll finds
2019-03-14 YouGov: By 43% to 38% Britons want MPs to vote to against a Brexit delay
2019-03-13 POLITICO: Half of UK voters want Theresa May to resign: poll
2019-03-12 YouGov: Deal, no deal or delay: what the public thinks
2019-03-11 UK in a Changing Europe: How do Brits think the EU sees them? It depends how old they are
2019-03-10 The Independent: No majority support for Theresa May's deal in any constituency, poll analysis reveals
2019-03-10 The Independent: Britain does not want long delay, reveals poll on eve of votes
2019-03-10 The Telegraph: Public swinging behind no deal Brexit, as Tories and DUP urge May to invoke plan B
2019-03-09 The Guardian: Three-quarters of newly eligible voters would back remain in second poll
2019-02-27 Bertelsmann Stiftung: We’ll be fine. How people in the EU27 view Brexit
2019-02-26 The Times: Poll shows Labour fall as Independent Group rises
2019-02-26 POLITICO: Public backs Brexit extension — but only if it’s short
2019-02-24 Business Insider: Polls show Brexit regret is so strong that 'Remain' would win a second referendum by 9 points
2019-02-17 The Independent: Majority of people want MPs to have free vote on Brexit deal, new poll shows
2019-02-15 The Independent: Majority of Brexit experts believe Theresa May will get her deal through Commons, poll reveals
2019-02-14 Bloomberg: One in eight German firms to relocate UK business on Brexit
2019-02-11 YouGov: Tories unlikely to gain enough seats to solve Brexit woes in event of snap election
2019-02-10 The Independent: Majority of voters want Theresa May to delay Brexit, exclusive Independent poll finds
2019-02-07 The Guardian: Not opposing Brexit could lose Labour 45 seats, says leaked report
2019-02-07 YouGov: Expectation of second referendum dwindles as Brexit Day approaches
2019-02-07 Financial Times: BoE poll highlights deep Brexit uncertainty among UK businesses
2019-02-02 The Guardian: Labour slump gives Tories biggest lead since general election
2019-01-31 YouGov: Brexit indecisiveness is seriously damaging Corbyn
2019-01-31 Eurotrack: German and French public don’t think EU should give way on Brexit date
2019-01-28 The Guardian: 'Meaner and angrier': Brexit exposes growing fractures in UK society
2019-01-24 Financial Times: Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity hurt by Brexit stance, poll finds
2019-01-19 The Guardian: Voters less likely to back Labour with 'stop Brexit' policy, leaked poll suggests
2019-01-19 The Guardian: Voters would back remaining in EU over May's Brexit deal
2019-01-17 POLITICO: Support for staying in EU at highest level since referendum
2019-01-13 The Independent: New Brexit referendum is most popular path if May’s deal is defeated, poll finds
2019-01-09 UK in a Changing Europe: New survey finds 70% of MPs think Theresa May has done a poor job of negotiating Brexit
2019-01-05 The Independent: Majority of Britons back Final Say vote on deal, according to largest poll since referendum
2019-01-04 UK in a Changing Europe: Conservative Party members do not support May’s Brexit compromise
2019-01-04 Bloomberg: Brexit saga pushes Danish support for EU to highest in 30 years
2019-01-04 The Telegraph: Most Tory members would choose a no-deal Brexit over Theresa May's plan, poll shows
2019-01-02 The Guardian: Most Labour members believe Corbyn should back second Brexit vote

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