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Polls from the UK on Brexit - contrasting with polls around the rest of the EU

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2017 Opinion Polling
2017-12-17 BMG/Independent Poll: Shift towards Remain at height of Brexit negotiation tensions
2017-12-08 Left Foot Forward: MPs should have vote on Brexit ‘divorce bill’ and final deal, say public
2017-12-06 National Centre For Social Research: Voters more pessimistic about the outcome of Brexit, but have not changed their minds about what Brexit
2017-12-03 Mail: The £50 billion Brexit backlash: Voters say it is too high a price to pay as majority now back a SECOND referendum on final deal
2017-11-21 ComRes Pre-Budget survey: Almost seven in ten (69%) of people expect taxes to rise as Britain exits the EU
2017-11-14 Business Insider: A majority of British people now think it was 'wrong' to vote for Brexit
2017-11-07 ORB Brexit Confidence Poll: only 34% approve of the Government’s handling of Brexit negotiations
2017-10-23 EUROPP: Survey evidence: Europeans support the EU’s hard line in the Brexit negotiations
2017-10-17 European Parliament: Over half of Brits believe the UK has benefitted from EU membership
2017-10-13 The Guardian: Labour flags up Brexit poll suggesting public regrets decision
2017-10-04 University of Warwick: Brexit was caused by feelings: older voters not to blame
2017-09-25 POLITICO: Support grows for second Brexit vote
2017-09-22 The Independent: Majority of British people believe UK should stay in the EU, finds latest poll
2017-09-21 Reuters survey: 10,000 UK finance jobs affected in Brexit's first wave
2017-09-21 Business Insider: 15% of eurozone companies plan to move everyone out of the UK after Brexit
2017-09-10 Financial Times: UK businesses say they need to know Brexit transition plan
2017-09-07 ORB: Approval of Government’s Brexit Negotiations falls further
2017-09-04 POLITICO: Majority of Brits support high-skilled EU migration
2017-08-27 The Guardian: A million skilled EU workers see their future outside Britain
2017-08-19 The Guardian: Majority of UK public backs Brexit 'transition period', poll finds
2017-08-18 Friedrich Ebert Foundation: What holds Europe together? The EU in the wake of Brexit
2017-08-01 YouGov: Most Brexiteers say economic damage ‘price worth paying’
2017-07-17 The Guardian: Majority of Brexiteers would swap free movement for EU market access
2017-07-11 Financial Times: Three in four university leavers worry Brexit will hit jobs
2017-07-11 Bloomberg: UK finance firms' optimism wanes amid Brexit plan uncertainty
2017-07-10 POLITICO: ‘No deal’ unacceptable for UK businesses after Brexit: survey
2017-07-03 The Guardian: Most British citizens say EU nationals should be able to vote in UK
2017-06-20 Chatham House: The future of Europe: Comparing public and elite attitudes
2017-06-15 YouGov: Majority favour pushing on with Brexit – but many are tempted by a softer path
2017-06-15 Pew Research Center: Post-Brexit, Europeans more favorable toward EU
2017-06-11 The Independent: Nearly half of British public think Theresa May should resign, polls show
2017-06-09 Lord Ashcroft: How did this result happen? My post-vote survey
2017-06-05 Reuters: Conservatives see poll lead narrow to 1 point - Survation
2017-06-01 LSE: UK voters, including Leavers, care more about reducing non-EU than EU migration
2017-05-31 The Times: Poll firm predicts shock losses for Theresa May’s Tories at general election
2017-05-26 Investment & PensionsEurope: Majority of investors not planning to drop UK assets post-Brexit
2017-05-12 POLITICO: Brits more confident about Brexit negotiations
2017-05-12 POLITICO: Most Germans want EU to take tough stance on Brexit
2017-05-12 YouGov: Forget 52%. The rise of the “Re-Leavers” mean the pro-Brexit electorate is 68%
2017-05-12 74% of British businesses say “barrier-free trade with the EU” more important than “restricting the free movement of people” in Brexit talks
2017-05-08 EY: Financial services firms starting to enact Brexit contingency plans, but those voicing intentions to move remain in the minority
2017-05-02 Ipsos MORI: Most think Theresa May will not achieve her target to cut net migration to the “tens of thousands”
2017-04-28 European Parliament: Britons want to see more cooperation with EU in security and fighting terrorism new poll finds
2017-04-24 Bloomberg: May’s ‘No’ to Scots doesn’t mean ‘Yes’ to Sturgeon, poll shows
2017-04-19 Hedgeweek: More than 70 per cent of institutional investors expecting ‘hard Brexit’
2017-04-15 The Telegraph: Support for Theresa May's handling of Brexit talks hits a five-month high, with 55 per cent of UK population backing her
2017-04-11 The Guardian: Half of young adults in the UK do not feel European, poll reveals
2017-04-04 KPMG: UK remains attractive place to do business but loses ground over Brexit
2017-04-03 The Guardian: At least two thirds of voters would oppose paying EU 'exit bill' of £10bn or more, poll suggests
2017-04-02 Financial Times: Central banks cut euro exposure and favour sterling long-term
2017-04-02 Bloomberg: UK finance chiefs’ optimism highest since 2015, Deloitte says
2017-03-30 Ipsos Mori: Public concern about Europe/Brexit rises to a new high and becomes the top issue facing Britain
2017-03-30 NatCen: I’ll have what she’s having: Scots share PM’s vision for Brexit deal
2017-03-22 NatCen: Hard – but not too hard: Much more on what voters want from Brexit
2017-03-11 Open Britain: New poll reveals hard Brexit is alienating a generation of young people
2017-03-07 The Independent: UK public overwhelmingly oppose Theresa May's plan to leave EU with no deal in place
2017-02-11 The Guardian: Theresa May faces public backlash over hard Brexit, poll finds

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