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Events that impact financial regulation in EU28

The normal flow of regulatory developments is covered in our main Financial Services categories so we will highlight events that are specifically related to Brexit.

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2019 Financial market developments
2019-12-26 The Times: Brussels threat to block City trade unless UK agrees to Europe’s rules
2019-12-23 ESMA extends recognition decisions for 3 UK CCPs in the event of a no-deal Brexit
2019-12-16 Bank of England: Stress testing the UK banking system: 2019 results
2019-12-12 Financial Times: EU confirms one-year Brexit reprieve for clearing houses
2019-12-03 Financial Times: Moody’s cuts outlook on UK banking system from stable to negative
2019-12-02 Bloomberg: Brexit deal could help unlock UK investment, CBI says
2019-12-02 Financial Times: EU chief issues Brexit warning over City of London access
2019-11-28 François Villeroy de Galhau: European and French economic outlook and post-Brexit financial architecture
2019-11-24 Financial Times: Fund chiefs quit London as Brexit disruption lingers
2019-11-20 Bank of England: Statement on the delegated regulation changes published by the European Commission
2019-11-19 EurActiv: Why Brussels shouldn’t be scared of Singapore-on-Thames
2019-11-18 IPE: No UK input to IORP stress test as EIOPA flags ‘insufficient coverage’
2019-11-18 Financial Times: UK politicians must set out the future for finance
2019-11-15 Financial Times: EU to extend temporary access to UK clearing houses
2019-11-12 Trade organizations call for extension of temporary equivalence and recognition of UK CCPs
2019-11-11 ESMA advises the European Commission on the supervisory regime for third-country CCPs
2019-11-11 The Global City: Providing Financial Services to the World
2019-11-07 Bloomberg: German banking giant moves trades from London to Frankfurt ahead of Brexit
2019-11-05 EBF: Brexit: financial services are better prepared
2019-11-02 Financial Times: Could the UK trade more financial services with Asean after Brexit?
2019-10-31 NCAs comply or intend to comply with EIOPA’s recommendations to the insurance sector on UK withdrawal from EU
2019-10-30 FCA: UK’s exit from the EU delayed
2019-10-30 Commercial Risk Europe: Aon shifts parent company from UK to Ireland
2019-10-28 EBF: Brexit: WTO implications for banks in case of no-deal
2019-10-21 BBC: Brexit deal acceptable, says top Barclays banker
2019-10-21 Financial Times: Citi’s European chief signals confidence in London after Brexit
2019-10-15 Bloomberg: Banks sit on FX markets sideline ahead of Brexit, says Carney
2019-10-14 Bruegel: Brexit and finance: Brace for no impact?
2019-10-11 FCA sets out latest expectations for firms on Brexit
2019-10-08 EBA urges continued progress in financial institutions' preparations for the UK's departure from the EU
2019-10-07 ESMA - Update on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union - preparations for a possible no-deal Brexit scenario on 31 October 2019
2019-10-07 Financial Times: No-deal Brexit poses unknown risks of disruption, warns financial watchdog
2019-10-03 City of London Corporation: Employment trends in financial services and beyond in the City, London and Great Britain
2019-10-03 Financial Times: UK fund outflows accelerate as no-deal Brexit looms
2019-10-03 Bloomberg: Central banks will act if there’s a no-deal Brexit, top Goldman exec says
2019-10-03 Project Syndicate: Is post-Brexit London really doomed?
2019-10-03 PLSA: Pension schemes well-prepared for the potential impact of Brexit
2019-10-01 Deloitte: UK endorsement of IFRSs post EU-exit
2019-09-30 City AM: City minister John Glen warns against turning away from EU rules post-Brexit
2019-09-26 Financial Times: Brexit prompts ESM to switch out of English bond law
2019-09-24 Financial Times: Trading costs rise after Switzerland’s loss of EU access rights
2019-09-24 Financial Times: Donald Trump and Boris Johnson talk up trade deal potential
2019-09-22 Financial Times: BlackRock executive warns Brexit will hinder global business model
2019-09-20 City AM: Big banks shift just 1,000 jobs since Brexit vote, EY reports
2019-09-19 Financial Times: London slips further behind New York in financial centre rankings
2019-09-19 AFME Annual Review 2019 - Europe’s Capital Markets: The next phase and new challenges
2019-09-16 FRC´s Letter to firms - EU exit preparations
2019-09-16 EU financial regulators highlight risks of a no-deal Brexit and search for yield
2019-09-16 Financial Times: ESMA hits back at FCA’s criticism of fund rules
2019-09-16 Financial Times: FCA chief calls on EU to soften stance on markets in event of no-deal Brexit
2019-09-16 Financial Times: London strengthens grip on currencies market, BIS survey shows
2019-09-11 FCA steps up efforts to ensure firms are getting ready for a no-deal Brexit
2019-09-09 Financial Times: Deutsche Börse’s Eurex makes fresh euro clearing push ahead of Brexit
2019-09-06 Financial Times: Investors regain interest in UK equity funds
2019-09-06 Commercial Risk Europe: Experts say buyers will enjoy contract and claims certainty post-Brexit
2019-09-02 New Europe: The Swiss expect ‘no deal’ with the EU before 2020
2019-09-02 Bloomberg: Great Brexit insurance migration shifts $75 billion from London
2019-08-20 Bloomberg: Brexiteers say if Switzerland stood up to EU, so can UK
2019-08-12 CFS survey: German financial industry now clearly expecting a “no deal” Brexit
2019-07-29 Financial services: Commission sets out its equivalence policy with non-EU countries
2019-07-18 Bloomberg: There’s no such thing as free access, EU to warn UK on banks
2019-07-18 AFME publishes list of remaining no-deal Brexit risks
2019-07-17 AFME publishes list of remaining no-deal Brexit risks
2019-07-16 IPE: Luxembourg regulator highlights hard Brexit implications for UK firms
2019-07-15 CER: The Capital Markets Union: Should the EU shut out The City of London?
2019-07-14 Financial Times: French financial regulator wants more flexible market rules
2019-07-09 The Irish Times: Brexit banking exodus creates a dilemma for Dublin
2019-06-28 Bloomberg: Another victim of Brexit: The world's fastest-shrinking stock market
2019-06-28 Bloomberg: Swiss Bourse fate hangs in balance on EU Brexit hardball
2019-06-27 Bloomberg: Quadrillion-dollar London market bats away Brexit blues
2019-06-26 OMFIF: Swiss-EU row offers taste of Brexit
2019-06-26 EY Financial Services Brexit Tracker: Impact of Brexit on UK Financial Services nears £4 billion despite sector pausing job and asset moves
2019-06-20 Bloomberg: Hammond lays ground for overhaul of post-Brexit City regulation
2019-06-10 Financial Times: Sweeping reform needed after Brexit, says French regulator
2019-06-06 Investment & Pensions Europe: UK and Dutch regulators to increase co-operation ahead of Brexit
2019-06-04 Financial Times: EU urges London to reveal no-deal Brexit plans for share trading
2019-06-02 Bloomberg: Deutsche Bank, UniCredit start Brexit swaps move from London
2019-06-01 Financial Times: Fund groups add MiFID top-ups as Brexit fears persist
2019-05-31 Bank of England: The cost of clearing fragmentation
2019-05-29 ESMA adjusts application of the trading obligation for shares in a no-deal Brexit
2019-05-24 UK Government: Auditing if there's no Brexit deal
2019-05-24 Bloomberg: Let Singapore-on-Thames fight it out with Europe
2019-05-21 Financial Times: EU and UK regulators clash over post-Brexit market supervision
2019-05-18 Financial Times: ‘Site checks’ warning as Ireland and Luxembourg probe local entities
2019-05-17 Bloomberg: Brexit has already happened for banks building out EU units
2019-05-16 Commercial Risk Europe: ‘No bonfire’ of UK insurance regs post-Brexit but potential move towards principle-based rules, says FCA
2019-05-08 Financial Times: Regulator urges post-Brexit deal for City of London
2019-05-07 Financial Times: Wealthy UK investors optimistic on Brexit impact, survey shows
2019-05-07 Bank of England's Cunliffe: Financial stability post Brexit: risks from global debt
2019-05-06 Financial Times: Private equity deals drop as Brexit reduces UK appeal
2019-05-03 Bloomberg: Bankers ring new alarm bells over Brexit threat to the economy
2019-05-02 Financial Times: Brexit drains £30bn from UK funds
2019-04-26 ESMA updates publication schedule for transparency calculations in May and June 2019
2019-04-24 Bloomberg: Brexit ‘rules of the game’ urgently needed, UK's Bailey says
2019-04-23 FCA's Bailey: The future of financial conduct regulation
2019-04-18 Commercial Risk Europe: UK risk and compliance roles increasingly under threat from Brexit
2019-04-18 BaFin: Insurers: New agreement for supervisory cooperation after Brexit
2019-04-17 FCA sets out its priorities for 2019/20
2019-04-11 Commercial Risk Europe: London Market Group identifies trade priorities post-Brexit
2019-04-08 ESMA updates on the impact on its databases and IT systems of a no-deal Brexit scenario on 12 April 2019
2019-04-08 Bloomberg: UK asset managers draw Brexit warning from Irish watchdog
2019-04-08 Joint trade associations letter on the equivalence of EEA trading venues
2019-04-08 Investment & Pensions Europe: Moody’s: No-deal Brexit ‘manageable’ for EU asset managers
2019-04-08 UK Financial Conduct Authority and Australian Securities and Investments Commission agree to strengthen cooperation post-Brexit
2019-04-05 ESMA has adopted new recognition decisions for the three UK CCPs and the UK CSD in the event of a no-deal Brexit on 12 April
2019-04-05 Bank of France's de Galhau: How to develop a "financial Eurosystem" post-Brexit
2019-04-05 CFTC staff provides further Brexit-related market certainty
2019-04-02 EU financial regulators highlight risks of a no-deal Brexit and asset price volatility
2019-03-29 FCA: The UK Financial Conduct Authority and the US Securities and Exchange Commission sign updated supervisory cooperation arrangements
2019-03-29 Brexit: the FCA confirms final rules for firms
2019-03-28 Bloomberg: London fights back against Europe's post-Brexit trading grab
2019-03-28 ESMA updates on its preparations for a possible no-deal Brexit scenario on 12 April
2019-03-27 EurActiv: Brexit ‘not imminent risk to financial stability’, says bank watchdog
2019-03-27 Insurance Europe: EU insurers publish no-deal Brexit checklist
2019-03-26 Statement on technical adjustments to financial services contingency measures to reflect the Decision of the European Council of 22 March
2019-03-25 CFTC provides further Brexit-related market certainty
2019-03-25 Financial Times: Banks ramp up plans for ‘hard Brexit’
2019-03-25 Financial Times: Finance sector hopes for smooth Brexit, plans for the worst
2019-03-22 Commercial Risk Europe: Gibraltar issues no-deal Brexit guidance for financial services sector
2019-03-22 FCA to introduce UK Benchmarks Register
2019-03-21 Financial Times: Financial sector remains exposed to no-deal Brexit, warns FCA
2019-03-21 Il Sole 24 Ore: Italy's transition period
2019-03-21 Commercial Risk: New York, London and Hong Kong are top three financial centres
2019-03-21 Commercial Risk Europe: Rated UK insurers well prepared for Brexit, says Best
2019-03-20 ESMA publishes its Data Operational Plan under a no-deal Brexit scenario
2019-03-20 PRA and FCA agree Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with EBA
2019-03-20 Financial Times: UK to lose £1tn of financial assets to Europe due to Brexit
2019-03-19 ESMA’s application of the trading obligation for shares following a no-deal Brexit
2019-03-19 Financial Times: UK tariff plan for no-deal Brexit will have limited impact on economy — OBR
2019-03-19 Financial Times: Citi sets post-Brexit Frankfurt trading hub in motion
2019-03-18 Commercial Risk Europe: Frustrating Brexit deadlock highlights importance of risk management, says Ferma
2019-03-15 FCA: Endorsement of credit ratings from the European Union into the United Kingdom for regulatory use in the event of a no-deal Brexit
2019-03-15 ESMA clarifies endorsement of UK credit ratings in case of a no-deal Brexit
2019-03-14 Investment & Pensions Europe: A Brexit checklist for UK pension funds
2019-03-13 FCA statement on various MiFID obligations and benchmarks regulation if the UK leaves the EU without an implementation period
2019-03-13 Capital markets union: Presidency and Parliament reach provisional deal on clearing house rules
2019-03-13 Investment & Pensions Europe: Asset managers urged to implement ‘no-deal’ Brexit plans
2019-03-12 New Financial: Brexit & the City – the impact so far
2019-03-12 Investment & Pensions Europe: UK companies to keep EU accounting standards post-Brexit
2019-03-07 European Payments Council's decision paper on Brexit and UK PSPs’ participation in SEPA schemes
2019-03-05 The Guardian: EU banks could face panicky trading after no-deal Brexit
2019-03-05 Bank of England and Financial Conduct Authority agree Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with EIOPA and EU insurance supervisors
2019-03-04 FCA: Statements of Policy on the operation of the MiFID transparency regime
2019-03-01 Joint trade associations letter on the equivalence of UK trading venues
2019-03-01 EBA recommends maintaining protection of depositors in case of a no-deal Brexit
2019-03-01 EBF: Are you ready for Brexit?
2019-02-27 FCA releases updated guidance on EU departure preparations
2019-02-26 Joint statement by UK and US authorities on continuity of derivatives trading and clearing post-Brexit
2019-02-26 Financial Times: Property funds likely to halt trading, says rating agency
2019-02-26 Financial Times: UK faces long wait for post-Brexit data deal, warns EU
2019-02-26 Investment firms: Presidency and Parliament agree on a new regulatory and supervision framework
2019-02-22 FRC: Accounting and audit 'no deal' letters
2019-02-22 Commercial Risk: Germany extends UK insurers’ passporting rights for 21 months under no-deal Brexit
2019-02-21 Bloomberg: Firing bankers in Germany is about to get easier in Brexit era
2019-02-20 Financial Times: Retail investors at risk in Brexit dual-listing tussle
2019-02-20 Financial Times: EU should trust UK on clearing post-Brexit, says BoE
2019-02-20 Bloomberg: British banks are getting a last-minute break from the EU
2019-02-19 EIOPA calls upon NCAs to minimise the detriment to insurance policyholders and beneficiaries in case of a no withdrawal agreement
2019-02-18 ESMA to recognise three UK CCPs in the event of a no-deal Brexit
2019-02-14 The Bank of England's supervision of financial market infrastructures - Annual Report 2019
2019-02-13 Financial Times: Bank of America says no going back on its $400m plans for Brexit move
2019-02-13 Bloomberg: Banks fleeing post-Brexit UK face fresh regulatory scrutiny
2019-02-13 Philip R Lane: The Brexit discontinuity
2019-02-12 ISDA Response to ESMA and EC on Proposed Technical Standards on Brexit-related Novations
2019-02-11 Commercial Risk Europe: UK insurers able to pay French claims for 12 months after no-deal Brexit
2019-02-10 Bloomberg: British and US banks are deeply divided on Brexit ties
2019-02-08 Commercial Risk Europe: Risk managers advised to check policies as not all UK insurers have created EU ops
2019-02-07 Bloomberg: Germany's Scholz says finance must prepare for no deal Brexit
2019-02-06 ICMA publishes briefing note on ESMA statement on the use of UK data in ESMA databases and performance of MiFID II calculations
2019-02-05 Bloomberg: UBS clear to move $36.5 billion of assets to Germany over Brexit
2019-02-04 ESMA agrees no-deal Brexit MoUs with the Bank of England for recognition of UK CCPs and the UK CSD
2019-02-04 Financial Times: Investors fret about dual-listed shares under a hard Brexit
2019-02-01 ESMA and EU securities regulators agree no-deal Brexit MoUs with FCA
2019-02-01 ESMA clarifies the reporting and handling of derivatives data in case of no-deal Brexit
2019-02-01 Financial Conduct Authority outlines how it would use the temporary transitional power
2019-01-30 Financial Times: UK financial watchdogs seek to shore up post-Brexit EU accords
2019-01-28 Bloomberg: UBS will keep equity trading in London after Brexit
2019-01-28 Bloomberg: Bank of America to begin Brexit job moves next month
2019-01-27 ICAEW: Irish third county draft registration application
2019-01-26 ICAEW: Brexit and IFRS 9 Financial instruments – expected credit losses
2019-01-25 Bloomberg: Banks boost protections for sterling loans in Brexit shadow
2019-01-25 Commercial Risk Europe: UK and Switzerland sign post-Brexit insurance pact
2019-01-24 Bloomberg: Citigroup’s Brexit warning for London
2019-01-24 Bloomberg: Money is flooding out of London while the UK bickers over Brexit
2019-01-24 New Europe: Commission refers UK to Europe’s court of justice over tax breaks for commodities traders
2019-01-21 The Guardian: Shareholders received record dividends of almost £100bn in 2018
2019-01-21 Commercial Risk Europe: AXA XL transfers European subsidiary to Dublin
2019-01-17 Financial Times: Irish watchdog urges UK auditors to prepare for ‘no deal’ Brexit
2019-01-17 Financial Times: Dublin seeks to protect insurers in no-deal scenario
2019-01-17 Financial Times: Small UK banks may benefit from simpler regulation post-Brexit — BoE’s Woods
2019-01-16 Banque of France's Beau: Financial markets - driving innovation and connectivity
2019-01-14 The Guardian: Pessimism clouds UK banking as demand for services drops
2019-01-10 Bloomberg: Money managers win new round in Brexit fight over EU control
2019-01-09 Financial Times: London’s financial sector will take a knock in 2019
2019-01-08 FCA: Brexit: further proposals to prepare the UK's regulatory regime
2019-01-08 Financial Times: Norway-style Brexit would allow UK to shape rules on finance
2019-01-07 Financial Times: UK financial services sector shifts £800bn in assets to Europe

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