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Events that impact financial regulation in EU28

The normal flow of regulatory developments is covered in our main Financial Services categories so we will highlight events that are specifically related to Brexit.

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Financial market developments - 2019197 articles out of 197.

Financial market developments - 2018256 articles out of 256.

2017 Financial market developments
2017-12-26 Financial Times: UK should not exclude possibility of a Brexit with no banking deal
2017-12-21 The Bank of England’s approach to the authorisation and supervision of international banks, insurers and central counterparties
2017-12-21 Financial Times: Switzerland accuses EU of bias in finance dispute
2017-12-21 EIOPA: Insurance companies urged to make sufficient and timely preparation to ensure service continuity upon the UK’s withdrawal from the EU
2017-12-21 Commercial Risk Europe: Travelers goes for Dublin subsidiary to ‘seamlessly’ serve customers post Brexit
2017-12-21 FCA statement on EU withdrawal
2017-12-20 Financial Times: Bank of England to shield European banks from tougher post-Brexit rules
2017-12-19 FIA publishes white paper on the Impact of a No-Deal Brexit on the Cleared Derivatives Industry
2017-12-19 Financial Times: Brussels signals tough stance on UK bank bonuses after Brexit
2017-12-18 Financial Times: London fund managers warn of a ‘sneaky’ Brexit
2017-12-18 Financial Times: Why UK bank ring-fences don’t make everyone safer
2017-12-18 Commercial Risk Europe: LMA supports ‘urgent’ Brexit transition deal amid fears of lost business
2017-12-17 The Guardian: UK banks tell May: a Canada-style Brexit deal is not good enough
2017-12-17 Financial Times: Investment banks split on shifting assets ahead of Brexit
2017-12-08 TheCityUK: Brexit forces review of UK regulatory structures
2017-12-05 Bloomberg: With Brexit talks torpedoed, Hammond makes a pitch for finance
2017-12-05 FRC: A sharper UK Corporate Governance Code to achieve long-term success and trust in business
2017-12-05 Investment & Pensions Europe: Hard Brexit impact on derivatives could cost schemes 'hundreds of millions'
2017-12-04 FRC: Strategic report guidance to follow government legislation
2017-12-01 Bloomberg: Brexit may leave banks on the hook for impossible contracts
2017-12-01 Financial Times: FCA chief throws support behind plan to scrap EU bonus-cap rules after Brexit
2017-11-30 UK Finance: Rapid action needed to safeguard UK & EU businesses and consumers following UK’s exit from the EU
2017-11-30 Commercial Risk Europe: London insurers propose plan to ensure buyers can access EU and UK markets post-Brexit
2017-11-29 Commercial Risk Europe: Bank of England wants Brexit solution for cross-border insurance
2017-11-28 Financial Times: EU clearing plans for City run into resistance across bloc
2017-11-28 Bank of England: Financial stability report, November 2017
2017-11-27 Commercial Risk Europe: UK P&I Club to set up Netherlands subsidiary to cope with Brexit
2017-11-24 ACCA: The impact of Brexit on financial services
2017-11-24 POLITICO: ESMA letter reveals MiFID II concerns related to Brexit
2017-11-24 Financial Times: European banks slash UK-related assets by €350bn after Brexit vo
2017-11-23 The Economist: In a pre-Brexit skirmish with the City, Eurex takes on LCH
2017-11-23 Bloomberg: Bank of France warns on need to avoid `cliff-edge' Brexit
2017-11-23 TheCityUK: Government must take action to boost legal services post-Brexit
2017-11-21 AIMA: Steven Maijoor speaks about ESMA priorities in 2018
2017-11-21 Financial Times: EBA shift expected to weaken UK role in regulation
2017-11-21 Commercial Risk Europe: UK risk managers warned to comply with GDPR despite Brexit
2017-11-20 Financial Times: Deutsche Börse eyes City of London’s euro clearing crown
2017-11-20 ECB's Lautenschläger: The European banking sector - the big challenges
2017-11-16 UK Finance Briefing – Impact of Brexit on the Future Application of UK Sanctions
2017-11-14 ECB's Mersch: Evolving regulatory environment for CCPs – the perspective of a Central Bank
2017-11-14 CEPS - Derivatives Clearing and Brexit: A comment on the proposed EMIR revisions
2017-11-14 City A.M.: David Davis sets out post-Brexit vision for financial services
2017-11-12 The Times: Wall Street braced for ‘disorderly Brexit’, warns City
2017-11-12 Financial Times: Citigroup among those looking to ‘branch-back’ by using EU offices
2017-11-09 EU Financial Affairs Sub-Committee calls for urgent post-Brexit transitional deal
2017-11-07 ECB’s Nouy: Around 20 banks applied for EU licences after Brexit
2017-11-07 Bloomberg: A Brexit glitch that could hurt Europe
2017-11-03 IBTimes: Swiss bankers dismiss 'overtly pessimistic' UK finance job loss scenarios post-Brexit
2017-11-01 Financial Times: BoE calls for Brexit withdrawal bill to address cross-border financial contracts
2017-11-01 Commercial Risk Europe: UK regulator warns financial services firms nearing decision day on Brexit
2017-10-31 Financial Times: Post-Brexit financial regulation cannot be left to negotiators
2017-10-31 Financial Times: LSE admits EU supervisory case on repo market after Brexit
2017-10-27 UK Treasury Committee publishes Report on EU insurance regulation
2017-10-24 EurActiv: German bank regulator urges EU to be ready for hard Brexit
2017-10-23 City AM: Luxembourg finance minister warns EU against strict Brexit approach letting the City of London 'drift away'
2017-10-22 Financial Times: Asset management task force discusses post-Brexit policy
2017-10-22 Financial Times: Asset managers fear UK will suffer Brexit jobs exodus
2017-10-18 Investment & Pensions Europe: Brexit threat to international accounting standards convergence
2017-10-17 Financial Times: Irish central bank warns of Brexit no-deal disruption
2017-10-17 Steven Maijoor on the State of European Financial Markets
2017-10-17 Commercial Risk Europe: Risk transfer partners prepare for Brexit
2017-10-16 Financial Times: EU power grab risks disenfranchising national regulators
2017-10-12 Bloomberg: Germany favors UK banks gaining transitional EU access
2017-10-12 EBA provides guidance to authorities and institutions on Brexit relocations
2017-10-10 EurActiv: EU lawmakers tentatively back Brexit clearing law that could clobber Britain
2017-10-09 ISDA: Brexit and contractual certainty
2017-10-09 ESMA highlights preparations for MiFID II and Brexit as key issues at ECON hearing
2017-10-09 Bloomberg: Deutsche Boerse plans revenue-share deal to lure Brexit clearing
2017-10-09 Commercial Risk Europe: PRA expects large number of European applications following Brexit
2017-10-08 Financial Times: Europe’s national regulators clash over delegation
2017-10-05 Commercial Risk Europe: Bank of England airs Brexit risks to insurance contracts
2017-10-03 Commission backs greater European Central Bank regulatory powers for clearing systems to fulfil its monetary policy responsibilities
2017-10-02 Investment & Pensions Europe: UK sets up asset management taskforce in Brexit-fuelled action plan
2017-09-29 ICAEW: Financial reporting implications of Brexit
2017-09-28 Bloomberg: As MiFID jolts derivatives, Hong Kong eyes $483 trillion market
2017-09-26 IRSG: A new basis for access to EU/UK financial services post-Brexit
2017-09-26 The Telegraph: Foreign investors back Brexit Britain
2017-09-25 Bloomberg: Brexit puts trillions of pounds of contracts at risk, BOE says
2017-09-25 Financial Times: UK banks told to increase consumer credit safety buffers by £10bn
2017-09-23 The Irish Times: Irish Stock Exchange seeks partner to lure Brexit business
2017-09-21 Financial Times: UK to diverge from EU on financial services rules after Brexit
2017-09-20 Commercial Risk Europe: XL’s insurance firm set for Dublin move because of Brexit
2017-09-16 Bloomberg: Brexit kicks EU financial transaction tax into the long grass
2017-09-15 Bloomberg: UK antitrust regulator demands more resources for after Brexit
2017-09-14 Financial Times: Hammond admits EU has ‘legitimate’ concerns about City regulation
2017-09-12 Financial Times: US derivatives regulator warns EU over clearing plans
2017-09-12 The Times: London remains top for financial services
2017-09-08 Bloomberg: UK's bid to retain Euro clearing after Brexit gains EU allies
2017-09-08 Commercial Risk Europe: German buyers keeping one eye on Brexit repercussions
2017-09-07 Business Insider: Bank of England has 'significant concern' over post-Brexit approval for Deutsche Bank's UK branch
2017-09-07 AFME: Impact of Brexit on cross-border financial services contracts
2017-09-07 Government responds to Brexit: UK-Irish relations report
2017-09-07 Best’s Special Report: Location, Location, Location – Insurers Unveil Choices for European Offices
2017-09-06 AFME publishes new paper on the need for early clarity on a Brexit transition
2017-09-04 Financial Times: New Brexit threat looms for asset managers
2017-08-23 Reuters: UK finance sector to propose 'mutual access' post-Brexit trade pact - document
2017-08-21 ISDA: Brexit – CCP location and legal uncertainty
2017-08-19 Financial Times: Regulators get ready to authorise ‘ring-fenced’ UK banks
2017-08-16 City AM: ECB urges banks to speed up Brexit relocation planning: "The clock is ticking"
2017-08-15 City AM: Asia finance "committed" to City after Brexit finish
2017-08-10 Financial Times: MiFID vies with Brexit as City traders’ main problem
2017-08-09 Financial Times: Banking watchdog warns of risks from cliff-edge Brexit
2017-08-07 Financial Times: MEPs seek tougher rules on London euro clearing after UK quits EU
2017-08-03 The Guardian: Don't relax rules on City after Brexit, Mark Carney warns
2017-08-02 Financial Times: ING chief warns over UK access for European banks after Brexit
2017-07-25 Bloomberg: The fight for Euro clearing after Brexit spills out in public
2017-07-24 Financial regulation and supervision - Lords Committee launches new inquiry
2017-07-24 The Times: Euro clearing could stay in UK, says Irish central bank chief
2017-07-13 ACCA: Export finance deal good news for SMEs but awareness is now key
2017-07-13 ESMA issues sector-specific principles on relocations from the UK to the EU27
2017-07-12 Joint Declaration of Frankfurt Main Finance and Paris EUROPLACE on Euro Clearing
2017-07-11 Bloomberg: Clearing firms simulate Lehman-like default during Brexit chaos
2017-07-11 EIOPA issues principles on supervisory approach to the relocations from the United Kingdom
2017-07-09 The Sunday Times: Watchdog dashes hopes of escape from EU rules
2017-07-06 Bloomberg: UK regulator seeks Brexit bridge this year to avoid cliff-edge
2017-07-06 Bloomberg: City chiefs concede UK can lose clearing oversight in Brexit
2017-07-05 Financial Times: Deutsche Bank boosts German base to cope with chaotic Brexit
2017-07-03 Financial Times: City of London delegation to press Brussels for free-trade deal
2017-06-28 FSN Forum: Brexit and the Issue of Market Liquidity
2017-06-27 Bank of England: Financial Stability Report, June 2017
2017-06-23 ECB recommends amending Article 22 of its Statute
2017-06-22 Reuters: French central banker backs European Commission proposals on clearing
2017-06-22 Bruegel: Can EU actors keep using common law after Brexit?
2017-06-20 ECB: European CCPs after Brexit
2017-06-20 Reuters: Carney warns EU against splitting euro clearing market
2017-06-19 ECB's Nouy statement at the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee hearing
2017-06-18 Financial Times: The City should not overpay for a euro-clearing deal
2017-06-14 Commercial Risk Europe: Market tries to allay buyers’ fears it won’t be ready for Brexit
2017-06-14 Commercial Risk Europe: No Brexit boost for risk managers
2017-06-13 Commission proposes more robust supervision of central counterparties
2017-06-08 EUbusiness: Brexit spurs reboot of EU's capital markets union
2017-06-07 Looking to the future - Steven Maijoor addresses FIA IDX Conference
2017-06-06 City A. M.: Forced relocation of euro clearing from London would be "severely detrimental" to EU, global trade body warns
2017-06-05 Commercial Risk Europe: Buyers lobby for post-Brexit access to London market
2017-05-31 Financial Times: Regulator demands detailed Brexit plans from UK asset managers
2017-05-31 ESMA issues principles on supervisory approach to relocations from the UK
2017-05-30 VoxEU: Brexit and systemic risk
2017-05-30 Commercial Risk Europe: EIOPA to issue guidelines to prevent “race to bottom” on regulation
2017-05-29 Bloomberg: Draghi says clearing oversight after Brexit is `crucial' for ECB
2017-05-28 Financial Times: Asset managers fine tune Brexit contingency plans
2017-05-25 ACCA: Concerning lack of preparedness across global financial services
2017-05-25 Investment & PensionsEurope: German regulator to hold Brexit workshop for UK asset managers
2017-05-22 Bloomberg: LSE raises estimate for loss of London clearing to $100 billion
2017-05-19 The Telegraph: Euronext boss: City will lose euro-clearing battle
2017-05-15 Bloomberg: The City of London after Brexit isn't just about jobs
2017-05-15 Financial Times: EU-managed control of euro clearing is not viable
2017-05-15 Financial Times: Asset managers struggle with illiquidity trap
2017-05-14 Financial Times: Banks overconfident about capital strength, accountancy body warns
2017-05-11 POLITICO: Bundesbank won’t fight to attract Brexiting financial institutions
2017-05-10 Financial Times: Washington warns against EU location policy
2017-05-08 TheCityUK: The legal impact of Brexit on the UK-based financial services sector
2017-05-05 Financial Times: Arguing over who gets to own a clearing-house time bomb
2017-05-05 InFacts: Goldman’s London warning least of City’s worries
2017-05-05 Commercial Risk Europe: Bermuda’s negotiations with EU should not be affected by Brexit, says BMA
2017-05-05 City A. M.: How to make Brexit the insurance industry’s next big opportunity
2017-05-04 TheCityUK: A forced re-location of euro clearing is in no one’s interests
2017-05-04 Commission proposes simpler and more efficient derivatives rules
2017-05-03 El País: Spain won’t allow Gibraltar to exercise “unfair competition” after Brexit
2017-05-02 Bloomberg: London Stock Exchange attacks EU grab for clearing post-Brexit
2017-05-01 Financial Times: Brussels set for power grab on London’s euro-clearing market
2017-04-25 The Times: Banks pop up with way to stay in City after Brexit
2017-04-25 TheCityUK: Key facts about UK-based financial and related professional services
2017-04-24 Bloomberg: EU hardens Brexit position on financial services, citizens
2017-04-24 Financial Times: UK insurers fear election’s impact on payout reforms
2017-04-20 ICAS: Could banking and accountancy be post-Brexit exports?
2017-04-18 AIMA: Double taxation treaty passport scheme review
2017-04-17 Bloomberg: Bank Brexit exodus seen hastened by close regulator scrutiny
2017-04-11 Steven Maijoor delivers keynote at CMU Mid-Term Review
2017-04-11 IRSG: Financial regulatory group calls for bespoke mutual access arrangement
2017-04-10 Financial Times: City of London explores ways to access EU market after Brexit
2017-04-09 Financial Times: France’s Sapin warns of post-Brexit trading loss for UK
2017-04-09 BBC: Outlook for City after Brexit 'has improved'
2017-04-07 Financial Times: Bank of England tells City to prepare better for ‘no-deal’ Brexit
2017-04-04 The Guardian: Up to 100,000 UK jobs at risk as Merkel and Juncker ally warns on euro clearing
2017-04-03 Financial Times: Euronext to move derivatives clearing business from LSE to ICE
2017-03-31 Financial Times: EU markets regulator tightens rules on credit-ratings groups
2017-03-31 Bloomberg: May's team said to plan for banks not getting Brexit trade deal
2017-03-30 EurActiv: Luxembourg stakes claim for EU banking body post-Brexit
2017-03-30 Investment & Pensions Europe: How Brexit could affect investment fund 'passports'
2017-03-28 City AM: British financial services to accelerate post-Brexit after negotiating a tricky two years
2017-03-27 Introductory statement to the press conference on the ECB Annual Report on supervisory activities 2016
2017-03-27 Luxembourg for finance: Luxembourg confirmed as leading Eurozone financial centre, second in the EU
2017-03-24 City AM: European Central Bank chief economist Peter Praet eyes Brexit opportunity for EU to be bigger financial player
2017-03-21 Financial Times: Brussels considers tougher powers for EU’s financial watchdog
2017-03-20 Financial Times: City of London pushes for lower taxes to sweeten Brexit pill
2017-03-17 City AM: Moving clearing from London to Europe is no piece of cake
2017-03-16 BBC: Schaeuble calls for 'strong' City post Brexit
2017-03-14 City AM: Banking pressure group, the British Bankers' Association, plans to lobby the EU27
2017-03-13 Bloomberg: UK banks said to seek closer US financial ties after Brexit
2017-03-09 Financial Times: MEPs seek ‘extraterritorial’ oversight on London euro clearing
2017-03-05 Financial Times: Broken engagement at the LSE is bad for the UK
2017-02-06 Financial Times: Plan to boost EU securitisation market stalls over Brexit

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