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Economic events and policy statements affecting the politics of Brexit

KeyEUdocs provides a ready reference of the latest economic data on the EU28 and we will highlight differences between the UK and Eurozone as data is announced.

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UK Economics - Brexit effects - 2019258 articles out of 258.

2018 UK Economics - Brexit effects
2018-12-20 BBC: Bank cuts growth forecast amid Brexit worries
2018-12-19 The Guardian: British economy forecast to fall in GDP rankings
2018-12-18 BCC Forecast: Business investment deep freeze to continue in 2019
2018-12-17 The Guardian: Britain's goods exports 'collapse' to three-year low amid Brexit unease
2018-12-17 ACCA: More support needed for SMEs with new online VAT
2018-12-10 Bloomberg: Brexit has started for German exporters as UK trade declines
2018-12-10 Bloomberg: UK economy loses steam as battle over Brexit rages
2018-12-09 Financial Times: A disruptive Brexit will make recession hard to avoid, say economists
2018-12-07 The Guardian: UK immigration crackdown 'could send companies to the wall'
2018-12-05 Invest Europe: Innovation boosts Europe's lead as global investment destination
2018-12-04 IMF: The Uneven Path Ahead: The Effect of Brexit on Different Sectors in the UK Economy
2018-12-04 City of London Corporation: The total tax contribution of UK financial services
2018-11-29 Financial Times: Majority of UK companies unprepared for Brexit, shows BoE survey
2018-11-28 OMFIF: Post-Brexit UK will find no sympathy
2018-11-28 UK in a Changing Europe: New research shows economic and fiscal consequences of the Brexit deal
2018-11-28 Bloomberg: BOE warns disorderly Brexit could unleash a savage recession
2018-11-28 Financial Times: Philip Hammond acknowledges Brexit will leave UK economy worse off
2018-11-26 GDP to be 4% lower in the longer term than it would have been had the UK stayed in the EU, new NIESR report reveals
2018-11-26 Bloomberg: Trump says Brexit deal could hurt plans for US trade pact
2018-11-20 Bloomberg: Goldman sees pound gains as no-deal Brexit least likely scenario
2018-11-16 Vox EU: Rising Brexit uncertainty has reduced investment and employment
2018-11-14 Financial Times: IMF warns no-deal Brexit would cause ‘widespread disruptions
2018-11-13 Bloomberg: UK small firms not prepared for big pound slump after Brexit
2018-11-12 Financial Times: Only ‘preliminary’ analysis done on post-Brexit US trade deal
2018-11-12 Financial Times: Trade partners attack EU plan for post-Brexit import quotas
2018-11-09 Financial Times: UK economy grows at fastest rate since 2016
2018-11-05 The Guardian: UK services growth hits seven-month low amid Brexit uncertainty
2018-11-01 UK in a Changing Europe: Not Backing Britain: Brexit vote has reduced foreign direct investment to the UK by 19 per cent
2018-11-01 The Guardian: Bank may not cut interest rates in support of no-deal Brexit, says Carney
2018-10-31 Bloomberg: Brexit worry drags UK business optimism to lowest in a year
2018-10-31 Tariff rate quotas for EU27 : EU ambassadors agree on the Council's position
2018-10-29 Financial Times: UK has rolled over only 14 of 236 EU international treaties
2018-10-28 Bloomberg: No-deal Brexit may prolong UK austerity, Hammond says
2018-10-26 The Guardian: Russia seeks to capitalise on Brexit after blocking Liam Fox's WTO plan
2018-10-26 The Guardian: Frank Field suggests Norway-style Brexit transition deal
2018-10-26 Bloomberg: Brexit no deal seen leaving UK economy at a near standstill
2018-10-25 The Guardian: Millennials may lose up to £108k over 30 years with no-deal Brexit
2018-10-24 Recruitment & Employment Confederation: Employers’ confidence in the economy at its worst for eight months
2018-10-22 The Telegraph: Brexit ‘makes investors wary of UK banks’
2018-10-19 POLITICO: Singapore prepared to strike UK trade deal
2018-10-19 Institute for Government: 'No deal' will lead to more upheaval than long-term economic projects suggest
2018-10-18 Audit&Risk: UK businesses "lose out" on European contracts
2018-10-16 Financial Times: Donald Trump looks to start formal US-UK trade talks
2018-10-15 Bloomberg: Businesses preparing to move R&D out of UK as Brexit looms
2018-10-14 The Guardian: UK economy heading for worst year since crash, say economists
2018-10-12 The Independent: No-deal Brexit would wipe out deals that deliver 12% of the UK’s total trade, government admits
2018-10-11 Bloomberg: Disorderly Brexit could have ‘severe’ impact, UK watchdog says
2018-10-11 BCC Quarterly Economic Survey: Uncertainty bites as survey shows UK economy is stuck in a rut
2018-10-09 Bloomberg: German industry warns of ‘massive crisis’ from no-deal Brexit
2018-10-09 Bloomberg: US threatens to block UK from global procurement pact
2018-10-09 Bloomberg: Countries reject EU-UK plan to shape post-Brexit trade at WTO
2018-10-07 Financial Times: UK would be welcomed to TPP ‘with open arms’, says Shinzo Abe
2018-10-05 ACCA: CBI Director says a no-deal Brexit is not an option for NI
2018-10-02 Bloomberg: UK businesses counts cost of Brexit before it's happened
2018-09-30 CER: The cost of Brexit to June 2018
2018-09-28 Bloomberg: UK current-account deficit widens ahead of Brexit
2018-09-28 The Guardian: Weak investment for entire year as UK firms show pre-Brexit jitters
2018-09-28 POLITICO: Tax breaks won’t make UK more attractive to German business: study
2018-09-27 Fakt24: Brexit affects Poland
2018-09-26 VoxEU: The heterogeneous impact of Brexit: Early indications from the FTSE
2018-09-25 The Telegraph: Brexit border delays could bankrupt 10pc of firms, survey claims
2018-09-24 Financial Times: Eurosceptics back plan to take Brexit legal action
2018-09-24 The Guardian: Theresa May backs immigration plan that favours skilled workers
2018-09-20 House of Lords' EU External Affairs Sub-Committee: Brexit: the customs challenge report published
2018-09-20 BBC: Brexit will have 'worse economic impact on UK than EU'
2018-09-18 Financial Times: The risk of a UK recession is growing
2018-09-18 EPC: The road to nowhere? Prospects for a post-Brexit trade deal
2018-09-18 The Guardian: Right-wing think tanks unveil radical plan for US-UK Brexit trade deal
2018-09-18 The Telegraph: EU migrants worth more to public finances than UK-born, study claims
2018-09-17 BBC: No-deal Brexit would hit UK economy, says IMF
2018-09-17 BCC: UK growth forecasts downgraded as Brexit uncertainty hits investment and trade
2018-09-14 Verfassungsblog: WTO option in practice: How a no-Deal Brexit would seriously damage key UK industries
2018-09-13 The Guardian: No-deal Brexit could be as bad as 2008 financial crash, Carney says
2018-09-10 The Guardian: UK growth will slow to 1.3% amid Brexit uncertainty – KPMG
2018-09-03 UK in a Changing Europe: No deal Brexit will be overwhelmingly negative for the UK, new academic report finds
2018-09-03 Bloomberg: Brexit has already cost UK more than 2% of GDP, UBS estimates
2018-09-02 Bloomberg: UK Tories propose Norway-style bridge to Canada-style Brexit
2018-08-30 The Guardian: Study estimates 500,000 EU workers are in low-skilled UK jobs
2018-08-24 Bloomberg: WTO warns UK about global impact of no-deal Brexit
2018-08-23 The Guardian: Philip Hammond's £80bn no-deal warning exposes Tory rift
2018-08-23 ACCA: Brexit, no deal - the VAT guidance
2018-08-21 Financial Times: Liam Fox plans to increase UK export target after Brexit
2018-08-13 The Guardian: Companies in Brexit 'supply shock' as fewer EU citizens come to UK
2018-08-10 IMF: The long-term impact of Brexit on the European Union
2018-07-26 Centre for Cities: Brexit cities stand most to lose if a bad services deal is reached
2018-07-25 The Irish Times: UK and EU formally start splitting WTO membership agreements
2018-07-21 Dominic Raab: Britain will refuse to pay £39 billion divorce bill to Brussels if the EU fails to agree trade deal
2018-07-16 City AM: Britain's services exports to the EU fell with a year to go to Brexit
2018-07-11 ACCA: UK small businesses need to go global
2018-07-05 Financial Times: Bank of England’s Mark Carney warns of hit from global trade war
2018-07-05 BBC: Bank of England governor Mark Carney upbeat on UK growth
2018-07-05 The Guardian: German businesses 'reluctant' to invest in UK over Brexit uncertainty
2018-07-03 Bloomberg: No-deal Brexit ‘disastrous’ for business, UK minister says
2018-07-03 Brexit: time running out for answers to firms’ real-world questions, says British Chambers of Commerce
2018-06-28 Bloomberg: Businesses are getting more pessimistic over Brexit
2018-06-27 City AM: Brexit divorce bill at least £10bn higher than government estimate
2018-06-26 Financial Times: Brexit to hold back productivity, says MPC member
2018-06-26 OMFIF: EU exit's colossal cost to UK economy
2018-06-26 European Services Forum: Importance of Trade in Services in the EU-UK Future Relationship
2018-06-25 The Guardian: UK-focused firms have struggled since Brexit vote, analysis finds
2018-06-25 The Guardian: Foreign businesses to UK: solve Brexit or risk £100bn in trade
2018-06-24 Bloomberg: EU businesses cut UK ties on Brexit and want Britain punished
2018-06-20 Financial Times: Single market in goods will come at a price for Brexit Britain
2018-06-20 Financial Times: Logistics industry warns of Brexit gridlock ‘catastrophe’
2018-06-20 Bloomberg: UK companies face pre-Brexit tax bombshell from EU
2018-06-19 VoxEU: The impact of non-tariff barriers on EU goods trade after Brexit
2018-06-18 BCC Economic Forecast: UK set for weakest year of GDP growth since 2009
2018-06-17 Financial Times: Brexit fears forcing companies to shift investments offshore
2018-06-17 Financial Times: ‘No deal’ Brexit would cost UK households £1,000 a year
2018-06-13 ITV News: Post-Brexit trade deals must include services, says Barclays chairman
2018-06-12 Financial Times: CBI warns UK car industry faces ‘extinction’ on exit from customs union
2018-06-11 The Guardian: Germany and France close gap on UK for foreign investment
2018-06-05 Bloomberg: No-deal Brexit has same customs cost as ‘Max Fac,’ tax head says
2018-06-05 NIESR: There is no such thing as a costless Brexit
2018-06-05 Financial Times: Logistics industry says ‘too late’ to avoid Brexit disruption
2018-06-05 Bloomberg: UK Labour seeks soft Brexit in bid to force defeat on May
2018-06-04 BBC: Brexit 'weighing on business investment'
2018-06-04 Financial Times: Britain hints at staying in European VAT area after Brexit
2018-06-04 Open Europe: Striking a Balance: A blueprint for the future UK-EU economic partnership
2018-06-01 The Independent: If you were in any doubt about the disaster of post-Brexit trade deals, Trump’s tariffs should bring you back to reality
2018-05-31 Financial Times: Industrialists warn May they will not invest if Brexit uncertainty persists
2018-05-31 Bloomberg: UK economy risks being dragged down by shoppers' Brexit worry
2018-05-29 The Times: Brussels and Brexiteers united in anger over budget extension
2018-05-25 Financial Times: A Brexit compromise for frictionless goods trade
2018-05-25 POLITICO: UK economic model ‘wrong for Scotland’ post Brexit: report
2018-05-24 Financial Times: BoE's Carney issues stark warning on post-Brexit policy
2018-05-24 Bloomberg: UK sees close EU ties post-Brexit with similar rules enduring
2018-05-23 Bruegel: The effects of Brexit on UK growth and inflation
2018-05-22 Bloomberg: Brexit has left households 900 pounds worse off, Carney says
2018-05-22 Tony Blair: Brexit Deadlock
2018-05-20 Financial Times: Japan to push for visa exemption in post Brexit trade deal
2018-05-16 The Times: Theresa May warned her Brexit customs plan might not be legal
2018-05-16 Bloomberg: UK hiring problems are widening as EU workers stay away
2018-05-14 The Telegraph: Theresa May hits wall over EU customs deal as she admits both her current options are unworkable
2018-05-13 Financial Times: Oslo thaws on UK joining EEA after Brexit
2018-05-11 The Guardian: Customs union only way to prevent hard border in Ireland, says Major
2018-05-08 The Guardian: Theresa May forced to give MPs single market vote after shock defeat
2018-05-07 Daily Mail: Foreign Secretary warns the customs partnership would leave Britain tied to EU with 'new web of bureaucracy'
2018-05-06 The Guardian: Brexit: jobs at risk without frictionless trade, warns Greg Clark
2018-05-04 The Guardian: Brexit 'impossible challenge' for environment and trade departments
2018-05-04 Financial Times: George Osborne stands by warnings on long-term Brexit impact
2018-05-03 UK Trade Policy Observatory: Backstop v2: A solution to trade with the EU post-Brexit
2018-04-30 The Telegraph: UK faces 'binary choice' of deep trade relationship with EU or US, MP report says
2018-04-23 Financial Times: The customs union is imperative for Britain’s future prosperity
2018-04-22 The Guardian: Japan ambassador’s Brexit warning: there won’t be a deal better than the single market
2018-04-22 House of Commons: Brexit: free trade agreement with EU crucial for UK food and drink industry
2018-04-20 Financial Times: European Investment Bank pulls back on UK funding after Brexit
2018-04-19 POLITICO: Chinese ambassador to EU: No UK trade talks without a Brexit deal
2018-04-17 Financial Times: Brexit Britain slides down Europe’s economic league table
2018-04-16 Bloomberg: EU boost to UK services may fuel concerns over Brexit deal
2018-04-12 The Times: Canada champions UK trade deal but India doubts grow
2018-04-10 Financial Times: Norway offers to roll over UK trade agreements after Brexit
2018-04-10 City AM: UK must not neglect the EU when planning post-Brexit trade deals, says IoD
2018-04-09 The Guardian: More migrant workers needed to offset ageing population, says IMF
2018-04-09 New Europe: Brexit remains the biggest threat to the UK’s economy
2018-04-09 Lloyds Banking Group: Financial services sector fears UK growth will lag behind G7 as Brexit effect takes hold
2018-03-28 UK Trade Policy Observatory: EU likely to reject bespoke Canada trade deal for UK
2018-03-28 Financial Times: Brussels to propose €56bn raid on ECB profits
2018-03-28 The Times: Trade partners could hit UK with tariffs next year
2018-03-27 BBC: UK firms 'fearful' for future migration system
2018-03-26 Financial Times: UK set to be left behind by European productivity revival
2018-03-26 Financial Times: Brexit adds friction to UK’s China ambitions
2018-03-26 The Guardian: Businesses face unanswered questions a year from Brexit – sector by sector analysis
2018-03-22 Süddeutsche Zeitung: The calm before the storm
2018-03-21 Bruegel: Rethinking the European Union’s post-Brexit budget priorities
2018-03-20 Institute for Fiscal Studies: The Customs Union, tariff reductions and consumer prices
2018-03-20 Bloomberg: Brexit deal too late to stop some EU firms from moving business
2018-03-15 The Times: Britain can sign trade deals while in single market, Brussels rules
2018-03-13 BBC: UK should stay in a customs union, say German business groups
2018-03-13 The Guardian: UK will save no money from Brexit for next five years, says OBR
2018-03-12 Institute for Government: New report reveals the cost of Brexit
2018-03-12 Financial Times: Investors ‘reaching for their coats’, CBI chief warns
2018-03-12 Financial Times: Brexit to hit 5 sectors hardest, research shows
2018-03-08 Financial Times: EU divergence to cost UK economy most, Brexit assessment shows
2018-03-07 House of Commons' International Trade Committee: Government has much work to do to avoid cliff edge for non-EU trade
2018-03-04 The Telegraph: Brussels takes hard line on free trade deals
2018-03-02 Bank of England: Business investment, cost of capital and uncertainty in the United Kingdom — evidence from firm-level analysis
2018-03-01 La Libre: Belgian exports post-Brexit
2018-02-27 BBC: Liam Fox warning of customs union 'sellout'
2018-02-26 The Guardian: Tories seek legal advice on vote after Jeremy Corbyn backs customs union
2018-02-25 Financial Times: A customs union would avoid the worst of all post-Brexit worlds
2018-02-23 The Guardian: UK's hopes for post-Brexit trade deal an illusion – Donald Tusk
2018-02-22 The Guardian: UK to lose EU rebate in 2021 'in extended Brexit transition'
2018-02-22 The Guardian: The Brexit economy: things are starting to deteriorate
2018-02-22 The Guardian: Brexit transition extension could cost Britain £5bn, MPs say
2018-02-21 The Guardian: Hard Brexit would cost Irish economy €18bn, says study
2018-02-20 The Guardian: UK will have to have a customs union post-Brexit, says Corbyn
2018-02-20 Financial Times: Britain’s road to becoming the EU’s Canada
2018-02-20 David Davis' Foundations of the Future Economic Partnership Speech
2018-02-16 NIESR: Deal, or no deal? The £2,000 question
2018-02-15 Institute of Directors: Business leaders propose hybrid option for post-Brexit trade
2018-02-13 The Times: Hard Brexit could cost Ireland €5.5 billion over 2 years
2018-02-13 ACCA: SMEs not prepared for Brexit
2018-02-09 The Independent: Brexit: Official document raises prospect of tampering with workers' rights to boost economy
2018-02-09 Irish Times: Britain to world: please pretend we are not leaving EU
2018-02-08 The Economist: After Brexit, which trade deals should negotiators prioritise?
2018-02-08 Financial Times: Where Brexit hits hard, a customs union will help
2018-02-06 University of Sussex: High-tech industries face biggest Brexit slowdown
2018-02-06 Bloomberg: EU says UK could face higher Brexit bill
2018-02-05 Financial Times: Time for UK to make a choice on Brexit trade future, warns Michel Barnier
2018-02-02 House of Lords' EU Internal Market Sub-Committee: Opportunity for a more effective competition regime post-Brexit
2018-02-01 The Telegraph: Leaked Brexit analysis reveals EU migration will fall by just 40,000 a year under free trade deal
2018-02-01 Financial Times: EU seeks powers to stop post-Brexit bonfire of regulation
2018-01-30 Bloomberg: Fox won't accept Brexit deal that keeps UK in EU customs union
2018-01-30 City AM: Brexit spurs more UK startups to set up in Europe
2018-01-30 Financial Times: Two-year transition for hard Brexit ‘practically impossible’
2018-01-29 City of London Corporation's Catherine McGuinness: No Brexit trade deal is complete without an immigration policy to keep EU talent
2018-01-29 BuzzFeed News: Leaked Government Brexit analysis says the UK will be worse off in every scenario
2018-01-26 Department for Exiting the EU: Open letter to business on Implementation Period
2018-01-26 Financial Times: UK interest rate rises tied to Brexit talks, BoE signals
2018-01-25 Bloomberg: UK may get ‘Norway plus’ Brexit, Irish Prime Minister says
2018-01-25 Bloomberg: Barclays Chief told May to sacrifice single market access
2018-01-25 Financial Times: Hammond calls for soft Brexit to safeguard economy
2018-01-25 The Irish Independent: Are Irish SMEs prepared for Brexit?
2018-01-24 Financial Times: May urged to secure EU trade deal with ‘Norway-style’ payments
2018-01-22 Financial Times: What will the EU look like after Brexit?
2018-01-22 IB Times: Top Remainer admits UK well-placed to benefit from Brexit thanks to global trade growth
2018-01-18 UK in a Changing Europe: The Brexit-sized hole in the future EU budget
2018-01-18 RTL Z: The Netherlands won’t fill the Brexit budget gap
2018-01-18 CER: Of transition and trade deals
2018-01-16 Financial Times: Majority of businesses want regulatory alignment after Brexit
2018-01-16 Financial Times: Canada trade negotiator tempers hopes for ‘plus plus plus’ Brexit deal
2018-01-15 The Telegraph: Global banks slash chance of Brexit ‘no deal’ and raise UK growth forecasts
2018-01-15 The Guardian: No-deal Brexit would cost EU economy £100bn, report claims
2018-01-15 The Guardian: Brexit could cost Scottish economy £16bn a year – report
2018-01-13 The Guardian: Trump row could kill off swift post-Brexit trade deal, says former UK envoy
2018-01-11 Mayor of London: Almost 500,000 UK jobs under threat from ‘no deal’ hard Brexit
2018-01-08 Financial Times: Brussels warns UK companies of shut-out in event of no-deal Brexit
2018-01-08 IFS: Firms’ supply chains form an important part of UK-EU trade: what does this mean for future trade policy?
2018-01-06 The Guardian: UK companies will face huge new VAT burden after Brexit
2018-01-06 The Guardian: May urged to stay in single market by 20 British MEPs
2018-01-05 Financial Times: Confidence drops among UK small business owners
2018-01-05 Financial Times: Philip Hammond broaches customs union deal with EU
2018-01-04 Bloomberg: US urges UK to cut EU rules after Brexit to boost trade
2018-01-02 Financial Times: UK looks to join Pacific trade group after Brexit
2018-01-02 Die Welt: Former Treasury Minister slams UK’s "fantasy“ approach to post-Brexit trade
2018-01-02 The Guardian: David Davis says EU cannot 'cherry pick' terms of free trade deal
2018-01-01 Financial Times: Economists still gloomy on post-Brexit economy

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