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This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from France on Cyprus will be included in both categories, France and Cyprus. 

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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France - 201415 articles out of 15.

France - 201347 articles out of 47.

2012 France
2012-12-19 FT: France unveils bank reforms
2012-12-12 French President set to miss his pledge on bank reform, Finance Watch warns in open letter
2012-12-04 French and German finance ministers discuss the future of the eurozone at the EP
2012-11-27 DW: France must face up to reforms
2012-11-22 French Parliament adopts the Golden Rule
2012-11-19 Moody's downgrades France's government bond rating to Aa1 from Aaa, maintains negative outlook
2012-11-15 DW: French premier Ayrault defends course in Berlin
2012-11-04 FT: Fillon warns Hollande over Merkel attacks
2012-10-29 FT: Hollande vows action on competitiveness
2012-10-29 IMF: France - 2012 Article IV Consultation Concluding Statement
2012-10-17 Guardian: Hollande fires warning shot at Merkel over austerity on eve of EU summit
2012-10-09 France's National Assembly ratifies EU Fiscal Compact
2012-10-08 Presseurop: Europe, not good enough for the French
2012-09-28 Reuters: France targets deficit cut with tax-hiking budget
2012-09-19 Reuters: France readies EU fiscal pact for green light
2012-09-09 WSJ: France's Hollande outlines austerity goals
2012-08-27 Bloomberg: Germany, France reconnect in a push for crisis solutions
2012-08-13 FT: France stages eurozone bond turnaround
2012-08-09 EUobserver: French court to decide on EU fiscal treaty
2012-08-01 Bloomberg: French Parliament passes transaction tax in Hollande’s budget
2012-07-19 WSJ: France wants fast eurozone integration
2012-07-16 French Finance Ministry launches banking reform
2012-07-12 Bloomberg: France has no problem with sovereignty in euro crisis response
2012-06-13 FT: France seeks eurozone stability package
2012-06-04 EUobserver: France to reach EU deficit targets 'without' austerity
2012-05-20 Hollande turns tide against Merkel's austerity
2012-05-18 Reuters: Obama, Hollande to press euro crisis remedies at G8
2012-05-15 Reuters: Hollande sets out growth agenda for Europe
2012-05-15 FT: Merkel and Hollande spell out Greek fear
2012-05-09 ECB/Asmussen: France, Greece must stick to fiscal plans
2012-05-08 FT: Hollande at odds with key partners on structural reform
2012-05-07 Bloomberg: Hollande vows to fight austerity after beating Sarkozy
2012-04-17 EUobserver: Germany defends ECB from Sarkozy proposal
2012-04-12 Stability Programme for France 2012 - 2016
2012-02-06 Bloomberg: Merkel, Sarkozy weigh setting up separate account for Greek debt payments

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