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This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Germany on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Germany and Cyprus. 

Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2012 Germany
2012-12-27 Spiegel: IMF concerned about possible German austerity
2012-12-14 FT interview: Angela Merkel - A woman of power
2012-12-13 Chancellor Merkel: For a better Europe
2012-11-12 NYT: Merkel vows full support for Portugal
2012-11-12 Angela Merkel sees signs of great determination
2012-10-30 FT: Eurozone woes weigh on Merkel's majority
2012-10-30 Joint press release by Angela Merkel, Angel Gurría (OECD), Pascal Lamy (WTO), Guy Ryder (ILO), Christine Lagarde (IMF) & Jim Yong Kim (WBG)
2012-10-25 Meeting between ECB president Draghi and members of the German Bundestag
2012-10-24 BFM: Sixth meeting of the German Stability Council
2012-10-18 German Chancellor Merkel: "We will move forward in Europe"
2012-10-03 Bundesbank: German banks successfully complete EU-wide recapitalisation exercise
2012-09-27 Reuters: Germany clears last hurdle to ESM bailout fund ratification
2012-09-19 Joint statement by German Federal Finance Minister Dr Wolfgang Schäuble and Portuguese Finance Minister Prof Vitor Gaspar
2012-09-17 Spiegel: German parties offer rival interpretations of euro ruling
2012-09-12 FT: German court backs ESM bailout fund
2012-09-12 Chancellor Merkel: The way is free for the ESM and the Fiscal Pact
2012-09-11 Reuters: German top court rejects delay to euro ruling
2012-08-21 Reuters: Big German banks tout ECB watchdog power grab
2012-08-13 FT: German lawsuit challenges rescue fund
2012-07-31 Bloomberg: German finance ministry sees no need to give ESM bank licence
2012-07-04 Insurance Insight: Commission disclosure overhaul could hit Germany hardest
2012-06-25 Bloomberg: Merkel hardens resistance to euro area debt-sharing
2012-06-08 Lloyd's: Germany 'must open up' to global insurance market
2012-06-06 Association of German Banks welcomes EU legislative proposal for new crisis management measure
2012-04-18 Germany adopts 2012 Stability Programme
2012-04-17 Speech by President Barroso following his meeting with the Federal President of Germany, Mr Joachim Gauck
2012-03-26 WSJ: Germany won't back full plan for bailout lift
2012-03-25 FT: Merkel set to allow firewall to rise
2012-02-26 FT: G20 turns up pressure on Germany
2012-02-22 FT: Germany fights eurozone firewall moves
2012-01-25 Bloomberg: Merkel makes appeal for time to solve crisis
2012-01-23 WSJ: Germany rejects bigger bailout

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