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2013 Other
2013-12-13 ČTK: New Czech coalition vows to raise pensions and minimum wage
2013-12-12 Austria agrees old-model coalition government
2013-12-12 Statements by Eurogroup President Dijsselbloem and VP Rehn on Slovenia
2013-12-11 Commission staff conclude fourth post-programme surveillance mission to Hungary
2013-12-10 NYT: Czech parties reach deal to form centre-left government
2013-12-09 Bank of Denmark/Rohde: Reflections on Denmark's sixth bank rescue package / Banking Union
2013-12-04 Lopatka: National parliaments play a vital role in creating an EU that is close to its citizens
2013-12-02 WSJ: Luxembourg parties strike deal paving way for new government
2013-11-30 Slovenia Times: Law changes to enable rapid bank recapitalisation
2013-11-29 Finnish government decides on implementation of structural policy programme
2013-11-28 Band of Iceland/Guðmundsson: The financial crisis in Iceland – What are the lessons five years later?
2013-11-27 ECFIN Country Focus - Is the traditional Austrian thriftiness under threat?
2013-11-24 FPÖ tops polls in Austria
2013-11-22 IMF: Poland—Concluding statement of the 2013 staff visit
2013-11-20 Presseurop: 'Tusk's new pro-European government'
2013-11-20 FT: Slovenia struggles to avoid EU bailout
2013-11-18 Austrian Parliament: Fekter dismisses talk of budgetary crisis
2013-11-15 Finland in favour of efforts to improve EU's regulatory fitness
2013-11-13 Focus: Austria may face a budgetary crisis
2013-11-06 Bloomberg: Croatia may turn to IMF as debt grows 'risky', Linic says
2013-11-05 Romania: Statement of the European Commission and IMF Staff Visit
2013-10-30 The new problem countries of the eurozone
2013-10-30 Dutch parliament calls for greater power for national MPs to "amend or recall" existing EU legislation
2013-10-28 Czech election leaves parliament fragmented
2013-10-28 IMF: Slovenia - 2013 Article IV Consultation
2013-10-25 Luxembourg heads towards three-party coalition
2013-10-23 Vienna 2 Initiative draws attention to weak credit growth
2013-10-21 Juncker faces battle to remain Prime Minister in Luxembourg
2013-10-15 FT: Finland prime minister ready to support further eurozone bailouts
2013-10-15 French-Dutch eurosceptic alliance forming within the context of rising populism across Europe
2013-10-12 Netherlands: Final agreement on 2014 budget reached
2013-10-09 WSJ: Dutch budget talks in trouble as another party walks away
2013-10-08 BBC: Slovenia may seek help for its faltering banks
2013-10-03 Austrian elections: Renewal of the grand coalition most likely outcome
2013-10-03 Reuters: Slovenian PM threatens to quit, move could bring on bailout
2013-09-19 Elections in Austria: Right-wing party calls for referendum on ESM
2013-09-19 EV: Austria's big two on course to win, but losing support
2013-09-16 WSJ: Dutch growth outlook faces further blow from austerity
2013-09-10 IMF Executive board concludes 2013 Article IV consultation with Austria
2013-09-05 IMF Executive Board concludes 2013 Article IV consultation with Sweden
2013-09-05 IMF Executive Board concludes 2013 Article IV consultation with Norway
2013-08-27 Nasdaq: Dutch budget deal to impose more austerity despite resistance
2013-08-19 Bank of Slovenia: Information about AQR and ST exercise
2013-08-16 Reuters: The Dutch, Europe's apostles of austerity, feel the economic pain
2013-08-15 IMF Executive Board concludes 2013 Article IV consultation with the Slovak Republic
2013-08-15 IMF: Republic of Poland - Technical note on stress-testing the banking sector
2013-08-12 Hungary repays early its outstanding obligations to the IMF
2013-08-02 IMF Executive Board concludes 2013 Article IV consultation with the Czech Republic
2013-07-31 Statement by the IMF and the EC on joint discussions on a new economic programme for Romania
2013-07-29 ECFIN Country Focus: Private sector deleveraging in Hungary - Economic costs amplified by government policies in the banking sector
2013-07-23 IMF: Republic of Poland - Financial System Stability Assessment
2013-07-17 Fitch affirms Sweden at 'AAA'; outlook stable
2013-07-15 Reuters: New Slovenia central bank chief says no need for bailout
2013-07-15 Reuters: Hungary wants to repay IMF loan early and close fund's office
2013-07-12 Hungary: Economic forecast for 2013
2013-07-09 European Council: Latvia to adopt euro on 1 January, 2014
2013-07-03 IMF concludes staff visit to Bulgaria
2013-07-01 Welcome Croatia! The EU's newest Member State
2013-06-28 European Commission: Croatia becomes the 28th Member State of the European Union
2013-06-26 IMF completes seventh and eighth reviews under the SBA for Romania
2013-06-26 ECFIN Country Focus: Slovenia - State-owned and state-controlled enterprises
2013-06-25 Austrian government agrees on economic stimulus package of more than €1.5 billion
2013-06-21 The Netherlands: European where necessary, national where possible
2013-06-21 Euro area countries recommend Latvia euro accession
2013-06-20 Slovenia: Discussion on Council Recommendation/Opinion
2013-06-20 Government of Slovenia approves revised budget for 2013
2013-06-17 Hungary: Government measures to safeguard achievements
2013-06-12 President Van Rompuy in Bratislava - Slovakian Presidency of the Council planned for 2016
2013-06-11 Economic restructuring and cyclical recession hitting Finland – Only sustainable road to economic recovery is through reform
2013-06-10 ECB Opinion on recovery and resolution plans in Belgium
2013-06-10 Latvian Finance Ministry: Standard and Poor's raises Latvia's credit rating
2013-06-10 Netherlands: Economic developments and outlook, June 2013 - DNB predicts gradual recovery
2013-06-09 Reuters: Czech government sticks to budget gap goal despite floods
2013-06-09 VP Rehn's blog: A decisive step for Latvia and its people
2013-06-06 Hungary: First quarter GDP up by 0.7 per cent, in line with expectations
2013-06-06 Polish President: No further EU integration without approval of citizens
2013-06-05 Commission concludes that Latvia is ready to adopt euro in 2014
2013-06-05 ECB publishes its Convergence Report 2013 assessing the economic and legal convergence of Latvia
2013-06-04 Slovak Republic: 2013 Article IV Consultation—Concluding Statement of the IMF Mission
2013-06-03 ECB Opinion on the macro-prudential oversight of the national financial system in Romania
2013-05-31 IMF: Sweden — 2013 Article IV Consultation: Concluding Statement of the Mission
2013-05-30 Fitch affirms Estonia at 'A+'; outlook stable
2013-05-29 Moody's: Finland's Aaa reflects track record of reform and policy formation
2013-05-29 EC grants Slovenia a two-year reprieve to cut excessive deficit
2013-05-24 New Europe: Slovenia puts cap on spending to stave off bailout
2013-05-20 IMF: Czech Republic —2013 Article IV Consultation Concluding Statement
2013-05-17 Bloomberg: Denmark shelves euro goal indefinitely
2013-05-17 Fitch downgrades Slovenia to 'BBB+'; outlook negative
2013-05-17 IMF: Belgium - Financial System Stability Assessment
2013-05-16 IMF: Republic of Poland—Concluding statement of the 2013 Article IV Mission
2013-05-16 Slovenian Government discussed austerity measures agreed with public sector unions
2013-05-16 Third Post-Programme Surveillance mission to Latvia by the Commission services
2013-05-13 Reuters: Malta unlikely to follow Cyprus into crisis
2013-05-13 IMF Staff Visit to Latvia —Concluding statement
2013-05-13 IMF report on Estonia
2013-05-10 IMF Executive Board Concludes 2013 Article IV Consultation with the Kingdom of the Netherlands
2013-05-09 BBC: Slovenia unveils reforms as it seeks to avoid EU bailout
2013-05-07 OECD Economic Survey on Belgium
2013-05-06 FT: Brussels trains its sights on Slovenia
2013-05-06 Slovenia Times: No deal on fiscal rule
2013-05-03 Hungarian Minister Varga: Deficit will remain below 3 per cent in coming years
2013-04-30 Bloomberg: Slovenia bank rescue costing 20 per cent of GDP means no escaping EU aid
2013-04-18 Finnish Government approved the Stability and Europe 2020 programmes
2013-04-16 WSJ: Slovenia aims to issue T-Bills, retire debt
2013-04-15 Mihály Varga: Hungary is not a planned economy
2013-04-15 Swedish Spring Fiscal Policy Bill 2013: Taking responsibility for jobs and stability
2013-04-15 Bloomberg: Slovenia needs time to fix public finances
2013-04-10 Macro-economic Imbalance Procedure in-depth review for Slovenia
2013-04-10 Macro-economic Imbalance Procedure in-depth review for Hungary
2013-04-08 OECD Economic Survey of Slovenia 2013
2013-04-08 Growth and job creation remain the main issues for Slovakia
2013-04-06 Reuters: Hungary central bank panel was rushed into vote on stimulus
2013-03-31 Luxembourg Government: "European financial markets need strong international financial sectors"
2013-03-31 FT: Dutch consensus for austerity starts to crack
2013-03-29 IMF executive board concludes 2013 article IV consultation and third post-programme monitoring discussions with Hungary
2013-03-28 IMF executive board concludes 2013 article IV consultation with Republic of Lithuania
2013-03-27 IMF: Belgium - Concluding statement of the 2013 article IV mission
2013-03-26 Croatia: Last Monitoring Report concludes country ready to join the EU
2013-03-26 Reuters: Polish referendum could crush euro bid after PM gives way
2013-03-25 Reuters: Luxembourg minister says Germany seeks eurozone hegemony
2013-03-25 Latvian State Chancellery publishes speech by PM Valdis Dombrovskis at the Plenary Session of the Saiema
2013-03-20 The Hungarian Government plans no election-time budget and wants no weak forint
2013-03-20 IMF approves three-month extension of SBA for Romania
2013-03-18 IMF: Slovenia 2013 Staff Visit—Concluding Statement of the Mission
2013-03-11 Bloomberg: Hungary to amend constitution as EU monitors backsliding
2013-03-06 Reuters: President says Bulgaria will stick to spending controls
2013-03-04 Presseurop: Alenka Bratušek has her work cut out
2013-02-27 Reuters: Slovenia mandates new PM to halt dramatic decline
2013-02-21 Reuters: Bulgarian crisis ill omen for struggling emerging Europe
2013-02-20 Bloomberg: Bulgarian Premier Borissov resigns after austerity protests
2013-02-18 Hungarian Ministry for National Economy to hold talks with banks again
2013-02-12 Hungarian economic policy is based on financial stability and reforms
2013-02-07 Hungary: Foundations of healthy economic growth established
2013-02-04 President Barroso discusses reform process and economy with Romanian PM
2013-01-31 Interview with Hungarian Minister Matolcsy in The Wall Street Journal
2013-01-29 Romania: Statement of the IMF and EC Review Missions
2013-01-28 Concluding statement of the IMF mission: Hungary–2013 Article IV consultation and third post-programme monitoring
2013-01-24 PM Janša: Slovenia has a government with full powers
2013-01-23 Frans Timmermans: The Netherlands benefits from a strong EU
2013-01-15 Hungarian government to motivate capital investments
2013-01-15 EU BOP assistance to Latvia – Second review under post-programme surveillance
2013-01-14 FT: EU bailout not for Slovenia, says president
2013-01-08 Irish Times: UK must be wary of EU exit, says Norway minister

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