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This is a two-way process, e.g. a comment from Ireland on Cyprus will be included in both categories, Ireland and Cyprus. 

Ireland: Policy Recommendations Provided by the EU and the IMF from 2003 to 2008

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Ireland - 20147 articles out of 7.

Ireland - 201362 articles out of 62.

2012 Ireland
2012-12-20 Reuters: Irish PM eyes debt deal, full market return in 2013
2012-12-18 Irish government to use EU presidency to push for debt deal
2012-12-17 IMF completes eighth review under the extended fund facility with Ireland and approves €0.89 billion disbursement
2012-12-12 Commission approves prolongation of Irish bank guarantee scheme
2012-12-05 WSJ: Ireland outlines austerity budget for next year
2012-11-20 Weidmann insists EU regulator won't help cut Irish debt
2012-11-14 Fitch revises outlook on Ireland to stable; affirms at 'BBB+'
2012-11-01 Merkel says sustainability of sovereign debt to be determined by eurozone finance ministers
2012-10-28 Karl Whelan: After Mrs Merkel’s Irish jig, are Ireland’s problems solved?
2012-10-25 Statement by Vice President Rehn on the conclusion of the eighth review mission to Ireland
2012-10-25 Statement by the EC, ECB and IMF on the review mission to Ireland
2012-10-23 EU €3 billion 15-year bond for Ireland and Portugal meets with close to €6 billion investor demand
2012-10-23 Irish Examiner: Ireland will get deal on debt, says Hollande
2012-10-22 WSJ: Kenny, Merkel say Ireland's bank debt special case
2012-10-16 Troika arrive in Ireland for bailout review but tensions remain in group
2012-10-04 EP president Martin Schulz praises Ireland's sacrifices on visit to Dáil
2012-09-28 Irish Times: Bundesbank, Berlin deal Ireland further blow on bank debt
2012-09-26 Irish Times: Cutting government-bank link decision stands - Kenny
2012-09-25 Irish Central Bank publishes new Economic Letter on Fiscal Compact
2012-09-25 Commisson VP Reding: Ireland and the European Union - A steadfast partnership
2012-09-24 Irish Times: Ireland has nothing to fear in new EU treaty, says commissioner
2012-09-19 Independent: Noonan looking at 40-year bond for bank debt
2012-09-17 Ireland: Commission gives green light for €1 billion disbursement and publishes staff working paper on EU-IMF programme
2012-09-05 IMF completes seventh review under the extended arrangement with Ireland and approves €0.92 billion disbursement
2012-07-18 Ireland – Concluding statement of the IMF
2012-07-17 Bloomberg: Draghi meets Noonan as ECB shift strengthens Irish hand
2012-07-12 Statement by the EC, ECB and IMF on the Review Mission to Ireland
2012-06-26 Commission publishes Spring 2012 Review of Economic Adjustment Programme for Ireland
2012-06-26 EU placed €2.3 billion long 15-year bond in support of Ireland
2012-06-13 IMF completes sixth review under the extended arrangement with Ireland and approves €1.4 billion disbursement
2012-06-12 Rehn still hopeful of finding solution to Irish bank debt
2012-05-30 Council Recommendation on the National Reform Programme 2012 of Ireland
2012-05-29 Irish Times: Kenny says No vote will lower credit rating
2012-05-21 Irish Examiner: Ireland expected to benefit from any EU deal on bank debt
2012-05-11 Commission forecast for Ireland
2012-04-26 Statement by the EC, ECB, and IMF on the review mission to Ireland
2012-04-12 Jörg Asmussen: The Irish case from an ECB perspective
2012-03-27 FT: Dublin confident of ECB deal to defer payment
2012-03-21 FT: Ireland eyes bond to ease debt pressure
2012-03-06 Bloomberg: Ireland must accept and approve the EU fiscal deal
2012-02-29 FT: Irish minister pushes to cut bailout cost
2012-02-27 IMF completes fifth review under the extended arrangement with Ireland and approves €3.2 billion disbursement
2012-01-25 UCITS in Ireland
2012-01-19 Statement by the EC, ECB and IMF on the Review Mission to Ireland
2012-01-05 EFSF places €3 billion benchmark bond in support of Ireland and Portugal

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Ireland - 201113 articles out of 13.

Ireland - 20107 articles out of 7.