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This section will contain all comments - EU official; Troika reports and news reports. It will include Country Specific Recommendations (from end-May Commission recommendations and July 11 Council Decision). Relevant pages from Commission Spring and Autumn economic forecasts to be included.

DG ECFIN on Cyprus


Welcome to the GrahamBishop Archive.

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2013 Cyprus
2013-12-20 ECFIN: The Economic Adjustment Programme for Cyprus – Second Review - Autumn 2013
2013-12-17 ESM Board of Directors approves €100 million disbursement to Cyprus
2013-12-17 EY: Outlook for Cyprus
2013-11-27 President Barroso commends Cypriot 'resolve' for reform after government visit
2013-11-25 IMF/Velculescu: "Cyprus on the mend?"
2013-11-07 Statement by the European Commission, ECB and IMF on the Second Review Mission to Cyprus
2013-11-05 Cyprus: Autumn 2013 economic forecast - Recession deepens while adjustments underway
2013-10-15 Remarks by Council President Van Rompuy at joint press conference with Cyprus President Anastasiades
2013-10-08 Fitch: Cyprus bank recaps should boost confidence, risks remain
2013-10-03 Cyprus Mail: Banks could need additional capital - Moody's
2013-09-27 ESM disburses €1.5 billion to Cyprus
2013-09-18 ECFIN Occasional Paper: First review of the economic adjustment programme for Cyprus
2013-09-16 IMF completes first review under EFF arrangement for Cyprus, approves €84.7 million disbursement
2013-09-06 BBC: Cyprus lawmakers adopt key terms for EU/IMF bailout
2013-09-02 Reuters: Cyprus on track with bailout reforms, EU report says
2013-08-30 Kathimerini: Cyprus to return to market before programme-end
2013-07-31 Statement by the European Commission, ECB and IMF on the First Review Mission to Cyprus
2013-07-25 Commission approves second prolongation of Cypriot bank guarantee scheme
2013-07-22 Reuters: Former Bank of Cyprus chief says lender made a scapegoat in financial crisis
2013-07-12 Reuters: Cypriot president says hopes Cyprus won't sell its gold
2013-07-08 WSJ: Cyprus Finance Minister calls for urgent completion of bank restructuring
2013-07-05 ECB announces change in the eligibility of marketable debt instruments issued or guaranteed by the republic of Cyprus
2013-07-03 President of the Republic of Cyprus, HE Nicos Anastasiades, visits the ECB
2013-06-28 Reuters: S&P cuts Cyprus credit rating to SD after debt exchange
2013-06-27 Statement by the European Commission and the IMF on Cyprus
2013-06-27 Exchange of €1.0 billion local Cyprus Government Bonds
2013-06-19 European Commission: Support Group for Cyprus launched
2013-06-18 FT: Cyprus president calls for bailout overhaul to save economy
2013-06-11 Reuters: Cyprus president criticises bailout terms
2013-06-09 FT: Choke on banks stifles Cyprus economy
2013-06-05 ECB Opinion on changes to the governance of the Central Bank of Cyprus
2013-06-03 Fitch downgrades Cyprus FC IDR to B-; negative outlook
2013-05-30 European Commission: Timely support of €100 million for key investments in Cyprus
2013-05-23 President Barroso: Available EU resources for Cyprus to be mobilised as quickly as possible
2013-05-16 DG ECFIN report: The Economic Adjustment Programme for Cyprus
2013-05-15 IMF Executive Board approves €1 billion arrangement under EFF for Cyprus
2013-05-11 Reuters: Russia hasn't yet agreed to extend Cyprus loan
2013-05-08 ECB/Asmussen: Exchange of views with the ECON Committee on financial assistance to Cyprus
2013-05-08 VP Rehn: Economic Dialogue on financial assistance to Cyprus
2013-04-30 Reuters: Cyprus bailout scrapes through island's parliament
2013-04-22 Reuters: ECB's Noyer - Cyprus a unique case, not a precedent
2013-04-18 Federal Government: Green light for Cyprus package
2013-04-17 Plenary Session: Authorities under fire from MEPs on Cyprus programme
2013-04-17 VP Rehn: Statement on Cyprus in the European Parliament
2013-04-16 Letter from President Barroso to President Anastasiades of Cyprus
2013-04-15 Reuters: Big depositors in Cypriot banks to lose €8.3 billion
2013-04-10 FT: Cyprus to dive into its gold reserves
2013-04-04 FT: Cyprus crisis to hit European banks hard
2013-04-03 IMF reaches staff-level agreement with Cyprus on a €1 billion extended fund facility arrangement
2013-04-03 Statement on Cyprus by Commission VP Rehn and IMF Director Lagarde
2013-04-02 Central Bank of Cyprus: Third Decree for Temporary Restrictive Measures on Transactions
2013-04-02 Bank of England: Closure of Cyprus Popular Bank Public Co Ltd (Laiki Bank UK) and transfer of all deposits to Bank of Cyprus UK
2013-04-02 Cyprus statement - Memorandum towards the Loan Agreement
2013-04-01 FT: Cyprus bank chief seeks to allay fears
2013-03-28 Statement by the European Commission on the capital controls imposed by the Republic of Cyprus
2013-03-27 Bloomberg: Cyprus capital controls first in EU could last years
2013-03-25 Reuters: After Cyprus, eurozone faces tough bank regime - Eurogroup head
2013-03-25 Federal Government: Cyprus bailout - Deal reached to spread burden fairly
2013-03-25 Statement by President Barroso on Cyprus
2013-03-25 Statement by EC President Van Rompuy on Cyprus
2013-03-25 Remarks by VP Rehn on Cyprus at the Eurogroup Press Conference
2013-03-25 Sharon Bowles on Cyprus deal
2013-03-25 Parliament gives cautious welcome to Cyprus deal but questions how it was handled
2013-03-25 FT: Cyprus agrees €10 billion bailout deal
2013-03-25 ECB's reaction to the agreement on the Cypriot macro-economic adjustment programme
2013-03-25 WSJ: Big depositors in two Cyprus banks face freeze
2013-03-24 IMF statement on Cyprus
2013-03-23 Remarks by VP Rehn on Cyprus
2013-03-21 FT: Cyprus crisis raises security questions
2013-03-21 Statement of the Eurogroup President on Cyprus
2013-03-21 ECB Governing Council decision on Emergency Liquidity Assistance requested by the Central Bank of Cyprus
2013-03-21 Statement of Conference of Presidents on Cyprus banking sector
2013-03-19 Fitch places Cypriot banks' ratings on rating watch negative
2013-03-19 Bloomberg: Cyprus bank tax threatens European Deposit Guarantees plan
2013-03-19 FT: Cyprus reveals chinks in ECB armour
2013-03-19 WSJ: Cyprus rejects rescue plan
2013-03-19 FT: Cyprus scrambles to renegotiate bailout
2013-03-19 Finance Watch: Cyprus bank proposals underline urgent need for reforms to create a sustainable banking system
2013-03-18 FT: Cyprus shows German line is hardening
2013-03-18 IPE: Cypriot pension funds still hold half of €4 billion assets in deposits
2013-03-18 Statement by the Eurogroup President on Cyprus
2013-03-17 Schäuble: Cyprus must do its bit
2013-03-17 FT: Cypriot authorities in revised deal talks
2013-03-16 Eurogroup statement on Cyprus: Financial assistance warranted in principle
2013-03-16 IMF statement on Cyprus at the Eurogroup meeting
2013-03-16 FT: Cypriot bank deposits tapped as part of €10 billion eurozone bailout
2013-03-16 Reuters: German finance minister asks Bundestag to agree Cyprus deal
2013-03-13 Reuters: Russia risks billions of dollars if Cyprus defaults
2013-03-13 WSJ: Troika, Cyprus in talks to shrink bailout package
2013-03-11 Bloomberg: EU chiefs seeking to stave off euro crisis turn to Cyprus
2013-03-07 Reuters: Lenders want Cyprus capital gains tax; Russia could join bailout
2013-03-05 WSJ: Cyprus central bank head urges solidarity levy
2013-03-03 WSJ: Cyprus to relaunch bailout talks
2013-02-25 Reuters: Eurozone at odds over bail-in of Cypriot depositors
2013-02-25 Kathimerini: Anastasiades faces bailout talks after victory in Cyprus elections
2013-02-25 Cyprus elections: Statement by President Barroso / Joint statement by Finance Ministers Schäuble and Moscovici
2013-02-24 FT: Cyprus victor vows to finalise bailout
2013-02-22 Commission Winter Forecast 2013 - Cyprus
2013-02-17 Reuters: Cyprus votes for leader to steer it past financial storm
2013-02-12 DW: Eurogroup ministers raise the stakes for Cyprus
2013-02-11 Reuters: ECB's Asmussen sees Cyprus bailout by end-March
2013-02-10 FT: Radical rescue proposed for Cyprus
2013-02-04 Reuters: At last EU has Cyprus leverage, but will it use it?
2013-01-31 Kathimerini: Germany's campaign buffets Cyprus talks as Shiarly pushes rescue
2013-01-24 WSJ: Rifts over Cyprus bailout feed broader fears
2013-01-22 State aid: Commission authorises first prolongation of Cypriot bank guarantee scheme
2013-01-21 Spiegel: Split emerges over Cyprus bailout package
2013-01-20 FT: Cyprus bailout delayed two more months
2013-01-16 FT: Cyprus threatens to open a Pandora's box
2013-01-14 Spiegel: Europe's mounting reluctance to bail out Cyprus
2013-01-11 Bloomberg: EU's Rehn sees bailout agreement for Cyprus in due course
2013-01-10 Moody's downgrades Cyprus's government bond ratings
2013-01-09 EUobserver: German opposition threatens EU aid for Cyprus
2013-01-02 WSJ: Cyprus resists privatising state firms for bailout

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