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The G20 meeting in April 2009 reiterated that "We have agreed that all systemically important financial institutions, markets and instruments should be subject to an appropriate degree of regulation and oversight". So the European Commission put forward a proposal to give practical effect to this decision for managers of non-UCITS funds. 

Directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers       

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AIFM - 20186 articles out of 6.

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2013 AIFM
2013-12-18 CPSS-IOSCO issues consultative report on oversight expectations applicable to critical service providers
2013-12-16 FN: Marketing levy threat for fund managers
2013-12-12 AMF releases annual report on asset management in 2012 and a study on OPCI investment schemes
2013-12-06 Hedgeweek: Options for distributing funds into Europe under AIFMD
2013-12-05 Hedgeweek: Guernsey reveals opt-in AIFMD equivalent regime
2013-11-25 ALFI Position Paper on Commission Regulation on Treatment of subscription and redemption orders under AIFMD
2013-11-20 CityWire: AIFMD 'nightmare' is over, say experts
2013-11-05 ESMA/Maijoor speech at EFAMA Investment Management Forum
2013-10-18 ESMA publishes signed AIFMD cooperation agreements
2013-10-11 AIMA: Some key EU markets gold-plating AIFMD
2013-10-10 JAC response to the CBI Consultation on types of alternative investment funds under AIFMD
2013-10-01 ESMA clarifies reporting requirements for alternative fund managers
2013-09-04 Hedgeweek: Implementation of the AIFMD in Italy – First ground-breaking steps
2013-08-20 ESMA publishes opinion on draft RTS on types of AIFMs
2013-08-01 ESMA issues Opinion on practical arrangements for the late transposition of the AIFMD
2013-07-24 AIMA/EY survey finds mixed progress towards AIFMD transposition
2013-07-23 FN: AIFMD - How far has it come?
2013-07-22 EVCA comments on the AIFMD entering into force across the EU
2013-07-22 Hedgeweek: AIF managers need to adopt a UCITS mindset for AIFMD
2013-07-22 Investment Europe: AIFMD may work if AIFMs and investors act responsibly, says BDO's Carroll
2013-07-22 EVCA urges European Commission to ensure AIFMD is implemented consistently
2013-07-19 ASIC and European Union authorities cooperate on alternative investment funds
2013-07-18 ESMA finalises supervisory cooperation agreements for alternative investment
2013-07-17 Ireland implements the AIFMD
2013-07-12 Deutsche Bank: Charting a smooth course through AIFMD implementation
2013-07-11 The implementation of the AIFM Directive in Germany – What third country managers should know
2013-07-10 Luxembourg Parliament adopts law implementing AIFMD
2013-07-08 Hedgeweek: Guernsey now accepting AIFMD applications
2013-07-04 ESMA: EU translations now available for the Guidelines on sound remuneration policies under the AIFMD
2013-07-02 Hedgeweek: Why private equity keeps on choosing Guernsey
2013-07-01 BVI's response to ESMA consultation concerning guidelines on reporting obligations under Article 3 and Article 24 of the AIFMD
2013-06-28 FCA publishes final AIFMD rules
2013-06-12 AMF consults on modification of Book III of its General Regulation transposing the AIFM Directive
2013-06-11 AIFMD: Significantly higher costs for depositaries will outweigh advantages, say fund industry players
2013-06-11 FCA: AIFMs
2013-06-05 FN: UK and German MEPs central to EU's fund manager bonus cap delay
2013-05-31 Monica Gogna: AIFMD will increase costs and create regulatory uncertainty
2013-05-31 Hedgeweek: ESMA approves Jersey AIFMD cooperation agreement
2013-05-30 ESMA promotes global supervisory cooperation on alternative funds
2013-05-15 Central Bank of Ireland launches AIFMD regime
2013-05-13 IMA: HMT rules enable marketing of new alternative investment funds
2013-05-13 HM Treasury: Transposition of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive
2013-05-10 Hedgeweek: EU proposal will only cause more confusion
2013-04-02 ESMA publishes draft RTS to determine types of alternative investment fund managers
2013-03-27 Hedgeweek: Fund managers still have AIFMD concerns, says Northern Trust survey
2013-03-18 FSA launches consultation on transposing the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) in the UK
2013-02-28 IMA response to HMT consultation on AIFMD
2013-02-14 ALFI response to ESMA discussion papers on guidelines on key concepts of the AIFMD and draft RTS on types of AIFMs
2013-02-11 ESMA rules aim to curb excessive risk-taking by alternative fund managers
2013-02-06 IPE: AIFMD must clarify 'day-to-day control' for real estate
2013-02-04 EFAMA response to ESMA's consultation paper on draft RTS on types of AIFMs
2013-02-04 EFAMA response to ESMA's consultation paper on guidelines on key concepts of the AIFMD
2013-01-28 Hedgeweek: UK gives firms an extra year to comply with AIFMD
2013-01-11 HM Treasury consultation: Transposition of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers' Directive

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AIFM - 201245 articles out of 45.

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